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I was a bright and organised student during my school days. Most of my teachers used to say that I would have the most shining career among all my classmates. Whenever I used to get such appreciation, I used to tell it to my journal. And not just the good things, I used to write about everything that went bad in the day. But, back then I didn’t realise that I would become a writer one day. When I got into my sophomore year in high school, I decided to pursue a career in architecture. (I still don’t know why!)

I got enrolled in one of the renowned universities in my country and set out on a new journey. But then, that journey didn’t take me to the destination that could give me happiness and satisfaction. I somehow completed my graduation and worked with an architectural firm for a year. But, all of this wasn’t working for me. I used to get up every morning with zero enthusiasm and come back home frustrated. This all had to stop.

So, after sitting home for more than eight months and doing nothing (apart from writing my journal every day), I decided to apply for the job of content writer. I was called for the interview and I managed to do fine in it. I took that job three years ago, and soon realized how satisfied I am with life. While switching my career I came across a lot of things (good and bad both) that taught me some of the greatest life lessons.

1. Being Committed to the Life You Love Is the Best Thing Ever

I never loved working as an architect. I had no smile on my face when I used to step in and step out of the office. Life seemed miserable to me at that time. But, after I changed my career, I suddenly realised how committed I have become towards the life I have now. The smile doesn’t fade away even when I am having the worst day. The commitment that I am having towards the life that I created for myself is taking me through everything. 

2. It’s Okay to Fail and Feel Pain & Despair

When I decided not to work as an architect anymore, I was seen as a failure. Not just by my friends, but my family criticised me for leaving a flourishing career behind. But I didn’t succumb to the situation. I gave my best to my new career and felt happy. And this could happen because I accepted the failure wholeheartedly. The pain that I felt during that time made me stronger. I am not afraid to fail anymore, I learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward, doing the best for myself.

3. You’re Capable of More Than You Know

Back in those days, when I was not able to create a design or something, I used to consider myself inefficient. The feeling that I am good for nothing made me lose my confidence. It didn’t only affect me professionally but personally as well. But, after I started following my passion for writing, I realised that I am capable of more than I think I am. I am not afraid to take challenges anymore and I am always up for anything that comes my way. I am now a confident person who has trust in his capabilities and talent.

4. Stepping Out of your Comfort Zone Is Truly Amazing

I am the person who dreads in stepping out of their comfort zone. I never did anything before that would put me in an uncomfortable situation, and that’s the reason I could never explore my capabilities and experience the beauty of uncertainty. I am still afraid of doing so, but now I have learnt to take a leap of faith and walk out of my cocoon to have new experiences. Trust me, I have had the most amazing experiences every time I have got out of my comfort zone.

5. Tranquility Can Only Be Achieved When You Do What You Love

Earlier, I was always restless. I had a lot of chaos inside that didn’t let me find mental peace. But, everything is serene now. Even when I am in a distressful situation, I don’t lose patience. I could achieve this mental peace and tranquility because I figured out that writing is something that gives me happiness. There’s no better feeling in this world than pouring your heart out on the paper. It gives me a different kind of peace and satisfaction.

6. There’s Nothing Bad in Switching Off Your Emotional Side

Sometimes in life, when you have to take crucial decisions, you have to put your emotional side aside and do all the calculations. And, there’s nothing bad in it. Turning your emotions off to take a decision that would have an impact on your whole life is good. If I would have not switched off my emotional side, then I would have never been able to take the decision of changing my career.

7. Anticipation Is your Worst Enemy, Go with the Flow

Anticipation is something that holds you back from doing anything. It freaks the hell out of you and pushes you back every time you try to take a step ahead. When I had to show a new design to my boss, I used to anticipate his pissed off reaction and experience cold chills down my shoulder. My confidence dropped and I became a low self-esteemed person. But, I am no more afraid of putting my thoughts forward. I am going with the flow!

So guys, whoever of you are stuck with something that doesn’t give you happiness, then it’s time to take a leap of faith. You just need the courage to take that one step and then the whole journey will go smooth. One-third time of your life is spent at work, so make it count. Do something that you love from the core of your heart even if it demands you to sacrifice a lot of things in the process. But trust me, the outcome that you get will be worth cherishing for the rest of your life. It’s now or never. All the best!