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Words are powerful tools, they can either build or destroy a person. Often when working on a project, it is tempting to put on hold due to the loss of the psyche to complete it. Good entertainment for the sake of relaxing could be re-energising.

However, at times, one is on the verge of losing hope in everything. Especially, when tests become too hard, even after thorough preparation, or, when you simply can get yourself to understand a particular concept, while others aren’t having any difficulty getting it. When in such a situation, a little motivation may give you just enough energy to keep pushing and moving forward.

Say you need to submit a professional personal statement with a particular application, and you just can’t find the strength to work on it; below are some of the speeches that could motivate you:

David Foster Wallace; 2005 “This is Water.”

In his speech, David sheds light on how we at times take the things around us for granted. He emphasises that college education is most importantly about learning how to think. He points out that one needs to be able to exercise control over their thoughts.

It is the thoughts that we dwell in that affect our reality. The way in which you see the world will influence how you react towards it. In his speech, he emphasised that if we pay attention to the world around us, one will be made aware of the other options that are available to them.

Michelle Obama; 2013 at Eastern Kentucky University

Michelle was speaking at a graduation ceremony at the University. She said that we need to associate with people who think differently from our beliefs, and with an open mind. Not her exact words. She used the example of a Democrat talking with a Republican and vice-versa and each learning a thing or two from the other.

It is true, if you only relate to people who think like you, you may not grow as much as mixing and listening to the viewpoint of others with a different belief from yours. That’s what learning is all about, being open to new ideas and perspective.

Al Pacino; 1999 Any Given Sunday, Movie

Some may argue that watching movies is a waste of time. But you can get valuable nuggets of wisdom even from some of the movies that may be considered terrible. In this 1999 movie, Al Pacino speaks to his team.

He pours his heart out to motivate them to push harder and give it a try. He urges them to fight their way back or give up, and crumble inch by inch until they are finished. It may happen when you need to do a personal statement proofreading, but you feel like it is not worth it.

It is that time that you need to do it and do it right by giving it your best shot.

Bono; 2004 University of Pennsylvania

Do you know Bono? He is the lead singer of the U2 Band. In his speech at his graduation, he didn’t bore the audience with the usual talk of the road to success that some successful people would. He encouraged the graduates to come up with a big idea that would change the world.

In his own words, he said that the world is malleable. It is for you to get a hammer and shape it. It encourages everyone that they too can make an impact and a difference in this world.

Mark Zuckerberg; 2017 Harvard Graduation

We are all well-versed with Facebook, I presume. Mark, one of its co-founders, was able to graduate from Harvard early this year. In his speech, he addressed an issue that many millennials are grappling with. That is finding purpose in the world.

He said it wasn’t enough for an individual to find their sense of purpose alone. We also need to be able to give others a sense of purpose for us to make an impact in this world.


When you feel like giving up, or everything seems to be slipping away from your grasp, the above speeches could give you a shot of adrenaline to keep moving forward. We all need a word of encouragement once in a while.

If you are working on a personal statement but can find the guts to seek personal statement editing services review; just because you don’t think the time and energy invested in it will bear fruit, put the negativity aside and go ahead and do it.