6 Benefits to Taking a Job at Uni1

Working while in university isn’t easy. In fact, it’s a juggling task. If your parents are capable of footing the bill for your expenses then you don’t need a job, but for most of us, you may need to take a job at uni.

A part-time job will bring many benefits to you. In fact, studies show that about 40% of undergraduate students in the US hold part-time jobs while in uni, and about half of these students work on-campus. It can feel overwhelming to take a job while completing your degree, but it comes with benefits.

Whether it’s due to the need to get an income or the rising cost of tuition, there are several advantages to getting a job while in college.

Reduces the amount of college debt

With the annual cost of tuition being as high as $13,600 according to the National Center for Education Statistics, (in the UK it's £9,000) it’s clear that many students look for new ways to make money. In most cases, the first thing that comes to mind is a job. Although it cannot replace the need for student loans, it can mean that you don't have to borrow quite so much, which will significantly reduce the amount you owe in the end.

Increases cash flow

Let me guess, you may not have enough money for your recurring expenses in uni. You need extra cash for trips, clothes, assignments, or even entertainment. Instead of borrowing the money, you can decide to take a job to cover the small expenses. Also, it’s a good chance to earn your own money which gives you some form of independence.

Improves your school performance

Having a job while in uni can help you become more focused on what’s important. In your professional life, you are likely to face business challenges and issues that directly apply to the uni courses you’re taking. This is a good way to learn important skills that may be applied when writing an essay about a topic that is relevant to your career. Some even go a step further to share their projects with their mentors and turn their research into possible solutions that can be used to solve problems at work. This is a great way to add value to yourself.

Uni is a good place to improve and grow. It’s also a huge investment in your future since you need to work hard to make ends meet. But you can also work while going to uni.

Time management skills

Once you’re in uni, you may find yourself in a demanding position. With a lot of deadlines to meet, it may seem impossible to cover everything on your to-do list within the set time. To survive this in the workplace, you need good time management skills. These skills can be developed by taking a job while in uni.

Getting a job ensures that every hour of the day is scheduled, and if you don’t prioritise and take control of your time, you may end up failing in your modules. A job helps you get your time management skills in check and prepares you for the outside world.

Develops beneficial skills

When you get a part-time job in uni, it’s common to think that the skills you develop during this time may not be important in the future, but they can be useful especially in CV writing. Part-time jobs teach you some of the essential skills that the employer may be looking for including time management, leadership, customer service, teamwork, commitment, organisation, and much more. So, get out there and look for something to do. It will be a plus when you include it in your CV.

Employee benefits

Getting employee benefits depends on where you are working. They may not offer a full package of benefits, but you may be eligible for some regular perks and discounts. You may also qualify for other benefits such as food, discounted tickets, merchandise – the list goes on. These benefits are meant to motivate you to work harder which equips you with the right experience for the future career world.

Striking a balance between a job and uni coursework is quite a challenge, but it comes with many benefits. You don’t have to overwork yourself in the name of getting a job in uni, just a few hours work a week will do.  In the end, the experience and skills gained are what matters. Uni is an important part of every student's life as it helps you grow and gain a lot that prepares you for the future world. But taking a part-time job will not prevent you from improving and growing.


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