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A career quiz is always going to add more value to you. It is important to be open-minded when you complete a quiz and also be open to any possible answers. You might have your heart set on a specific career option and your results show something totally surprising. Remember, you do not have to follow the answer of you quiz and can simply use it as a guide.

There are many great career choices you can take on right now. We live in a world where anything goes and a career does not always mean cracking a 9-5 desk bound job. This is why it is important to choose a career quiz that is relevant to the times we are living in. Not everyone wants to be a nurse and complete a nursing personal statement. Perhaps you are striving to be a graphic designer and would rather look at application statement examples within that specific field.

Professional career assessments cost a small fortune and you have to be careful and chose a reputable company when engaging in future talks. Instead of spending your money on an agency, go online and choose a career quiz with good reviews and a good reputation. You need to walk away from this with a clear answer as well as guidance as to how you should go about in achieving this. Here are some of the best career quizzes out there.

Self-Directed Search

This career quizzes focus on a variety of categories before coming up with an answer for you. When you complete the quiz, you will be given three possible options of career choices and then you will be given a list of jobs people with your options would be good at. Once you make a decision, you can start researching personal statement samples for jobs, because you would be matched perfectly with the career of your dreams.

A great website that gives you four different tests to help you get your best suited career choice spot on and is one of the more detailed career quizzes. This is a life changing decision and it is important to go with a place like that will go the extra mile to ensure you make the most suitable choice.


What I like about this career quiz is the aspect of tricking the mind through mind games. It’s actually incredible the way they do it. The focus here is mostly on how you respond to match it with your cognitive and social personality traits. By doing this, they are able to match the best career choice for you based on why you truly are. It’s great because you might be able to match to a job that you always wanted to try but never thought possible.

Career Strengths Test

There are many career tests out there but if the man behind this created it for a research foundation; you know some work and thought went into it.It is important to go with a quiz that is not only popular, but also accurate enough for you to base a decision on. Your strength level will be tested in this quiz and in a variety of skills. The facts that this is not just a general question and answer situation, makes it rather unique and exciting.

The Big Five Personality Test

This test will measure how you relate to others which are an important part of finding you best suited career. You need to work with people and if you do not respond well with certain personality types, you might want to include that information in your decision. Working with the right kind of people will help you to be more excited about going to work and doing well.


Career quizzes are important if you are trying to make sure you remain happy while working. It is easy to find a job, but if it is not a match for you, there really is no point. We are all trying to be happy in our everyday lives and we spend a bulk of our time at work. This is why you should not just randomly apply to jobs, but have a more structured approach.

I know that the world’s economy is not in the best state at the moment and people are just trying to get employed. Just keep in mind that if your choice is not the best for you, it might cause you more pain than joy. You want to get up excited to go to work in the morning and you cannot do that if you do not like your job. People complain everyday about how much they hate their jobs and you might be able to dodge a bullet by applying a career quiz first.