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For school and college students up an down the country there never seems like a day when you can relax and forget about exams - another one is always just around the corner. If this is the case for you, now is the time to access study tips that will empower you to ace your next exam. Below you will find seven simple study strategies that will help you do so: 

1. Don't Procrastinate

One of the primary reasons that students fail to perform well on their exams results is from procrastination. Don't fall into this trap. Cramming typically results in lower scores, and it is also incredibly stressful. Instead of cramming, start preparing weeks ahead. Develop a schedule that outlines how much time you will spend each day, and also take the time to create a daily "To Do" list that includes studying for your exam.

2. Prioritise Your Coursework

In addition to planning ahead, make sure that you prioritise your coursework. Specifically, make sure that you set aside more time to study for the courses in which you tend to have the most trouble. This will help ensure that you master the material and feel confident on the day of the exam.

3. Organise A Study Group

Accountability will typically take you a long way in the world of studying. Specifically, individuals who are responsible for attending a study group will likely find themselves more willing to prepare for their exams than individuals who are on their own. With this idea in mind, consider the value of organising a study group. Doing so will keep you accountable for reviewing material. It will also provide you with an outlet through which you can express any anxieties or concerns you have regarding the exam.

4. Take Breaks

In some cases, the fear of a low exam score leads some students to overstudy. Don't commit this error. If you do, you may find yourself becoming ill. Experiencing high levels of stress can also compromise your ability to memorise material and perform well on your exam. With all of this in mind, make sure that you periodically take breaks so you can remain relaxed and calm throughout the exam preparation processes.

5. Improve Your Memory With Brain Food

One final strategy you should employ to ensure that you ace your next exam is improving your memory with brain food. As noted in a BBC article, eating a healthy, balanced diet that includes brain-boosting foods may help to keep your memory, concentration and focus as sharp as can be. The brain foods include:

  • Wholegrains
  • Oily fish
  • Blueberries
  • Tomotoes
  • Eggs
  • Blackcurrents
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Broccoli
  • Sage
  • Nuts.

6. Exercise

If you're serious about attaining an excellent grade on your next exam, make sure that you get in the habit of exercising regularly. This technique is immensely helpful because in addition to fighting the stress that can accumulate from the exam preparation process, exercising regularly enhances brain function. There are numerous forms of exercise you can engage in to attain these results. Some of them include:

  • yoga
  • Pilates
  • weight-lifting
  • running
  • jogging
  • skipping rope

7. Make Flashcards

One of the most effective study tools available to students is flashcards. These flashcards can be referred to while you're on the bus, waiting in line at the grocery store, etc. Flashcards are oftentimes particularly effective when you're trying to build your vocabulary or learn another language. However, they can be used to boost your memory of information in virtually any subject.

Don't Delay: Start Studying Today!

If you're serious about acing your next exam, now is the time to get the study process underway. You can use some or all of the strategies outlined above to stay on the road to academic excellence!