Scrabble letters spelling out the word Save on top of a background of one dollar notes

Being a university student on a budget can be a frustrating feeling, but you do not have to spend a fortune. There are ways you can save money and be more economical without sacrificing the full experience. As much as you want to go out with your friends every time you have a free moment, it might be a good idea and save your money by staying put and hitting the books. This is not to say that you should never go out. There are some sacrifices we have to make and it is a good habit to form early on. Here are some other ways you can be more economical as a university student.

Second Hand

It is nice to have new textbooks, but the information in second hand books is exactly the same. Why spend more money when you can spend less for the same textbook? You can save a lot of money by going to previous students and buying their textbooks. There are also places online you can get them from. A book about personal statement editors will be the same in a new and older version. Do not be fooled by the feeling of having something new, because as soon as you use it, it becomes second hand.


So many students have cars these days and it does cost a pretty penny to maintain one. Walk as much as you can. The trick here is to choose housing that is close to amenities that you need. If you are focused on your studies, there won’t be much time to go out, but if you want to, there needs to be options around you. Also make use of the amenities offered at your university to save some money. Speak to some students going to the same university and share your space. Most university students would not mind a flatmate and it is a great way to make friends and save money.

Make your own coffee

This might seem obvious, but you will be surprised at the amount of money students spend on coffee shops. Instead, you can invest in a coffee maker, which will pay for itself in a few weeks. Starbucks is lovely, but it should be a treat instead of a morning run.

Buy groceries

You might have never cooked a meal in your life, but this is the perfect time to learn. Buy your groceries in bulk and cook at home. Restaurants are expensive and many times unhealthier than home cooking. Set up a meal plan and stick to it. After that, you make a grocery list and stick to it when you go shopping. It is very tempting to waste money on unnecessary items when you do not have a plan.

Free options

There are many free options available to students and you should definitely take advantage of them. Finding a free personal statement editing service is better than paying an editing company. There are shops who give discounts to students, so make a list of these options and use it. Many students are not aware of the benefits they get just for being a student. If you do not know any of these offers, speak to some of the students around the campus. There is nothing embarrassing about it and many students are taking advantage of it.


You want to keep as much money in your pocket when you are a student. When you decide to go away for a summer holiday, you know that you deserve and have earned it.