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The best person to evaluate outstanding students are their teachers as they are exposed to all levels of students and their different abilities. When we put this to the test and questioned a high school teacher in a metro city in India, she mentioned the outstanding student is the one who is advanced compared to others of the same age group in all subjects, alongside language and the discipline to work.

Follow her advice and see yourself becoming a high achiever:

Keep exploring subjects you already know

If there’s something you already enjoy and you have a good grasp of what you have already learnt, think of ways you could explore this skill set. You may explore it outside the classroom to gain more knowledge and bring into your class to show others what you’ve learnt. This will draw attention to your skills and strengthen your confidence.

Challenge yourself in new ways

Challenging yourself requires in-depth knowledge and understanding of a subject. Explore the many available resources you to build your mind, stick to a plan, and soon you’ll reap the rewards of a overcoming a new challenge. A challenge might be a debate session for a language enthusiast or a creative presentation for a designer.

Choose something based on your interests

This philosophy applies to everything we do and particularly to advanced students when they need to think in the most creative ways and explore global challenges. This exploration and incorporating skills in their chosen field needs to be consistent. As it takes motivation and hard work, it can only happen when there’s a keen interest.

Never ever get exhausted

This should be one of the key points. Most advanced learners will stretch themselves over the course of a normal working day and extend their schedule, constantly engaging themselves in practising new things and achieving their set targets.

What your mentors can do for you?

You may be all set to demonstrate your extraordinary ability and prove to be an outstanding student. You can perform better with guidance from your teachers or parents, but what about mentors to challenge you?

You mentor can help identify your strengths and help you dive into a subject. They can help you to the challenges you face along the way.

Your mentor can get you integrated with technology which will provide you with the bridge into the academic world and help you explore this innovation. They can also help you meet other advanced learners so you can work together in projects, groups and other studies. They can accelerate you to the toughest engagement and they are best to strategies the various learning skills in students.

Your mentors can help you in comparing yourself with your peer group and helping you develop your missing comparative skills. This update will create a benchmark and aid you in better performance in the future.

Your mentor can set the goals and track the progress. They can help prepare you and motivate you to achieve your goals.

Exploring is one aspect and creativity is another, your mentors are best to teach you creatively and help you in lateral thinking.

Indeed, it is also possible to transform your achievement without adult intervention if you quick in grasping information, able to access additional resources, distract yourself from the world around you, and exercise leadership in yourself, bringing self-initiative and strengthening your ability and aptitude. Most importantly you should be able to self-evaluate periodically.

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