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Unfortunately, in the current climate, it's more and more possible to face what's known as a 'forced career change', that is, one where you industry is moving forward in a way that there are now fewer opportunities for your skillset due to either advances in technology or shifts in the global markets. Another reason for a forced career change may be due to the devlopment of a medical condition which means that you can’t continue with your old career.

Forced career changes are likely to come about quickly and at some point you might discover that you have to find another way to make living and you have no choice in matter.

If this a postition you've found yourself in, here are a few things you'll need to consider along with a few ways to help you get back into work more quickly. 

How long have you got?

The first thing to think about is how long you've got to change careers.

  • If you are facing redundancy you may have already been given a finishing date.
  • If you have developed a medical condition you need to talk to your doctor and get an opinion on how quickly you need to act. Remember that you may be better off not working and recovering for a while or you might find that you current employer can offer you an alternative position within the company. 

There are a few things which may help you achieve you goals slightly quicker:

Fill in jobs

You won't be able to get into the industry/job role you are looking for straight away, so a good way to keep the money coming in is to undertake fill in jobs. These are great because they are not too hard to get with fewer interviews and tests.

One way you can get access to fill in jobs is through an agency. Remember to tailor your CV according to the job description you are given as companies may think you are overqualified or an unsuitable candidate. You'll also want to make sure that you let them know the types of jobs you are interested in, especially if they help you in your long-term plan. 

In this way you might get temporary, part time or contract work. It's likely that the job will involve fewer skills than you are currently used to (why it's easier to find employment), however it's a great way to keep having money coming in whilst you work towards your ideal career move. 

Once you've a few of these experiences under your belt and you have shown them that you are a trusted employee they are more likely to offer you more work and keep you on their books. 

Trojan horse method

The Trojan horse method involves worming your way into an organisation in an entry-level position and then making your way up from the inside. If you start temping for a company that you find you like and there are opportunities in the career you want to go into, it's important to make a good impression. You can then use our How to change careers within your company blog to help you understand how to make the most of your opportunity and work your way up. 

Multiple Targeting

Consider a number of career ideas at once. This will increase your chances at success and allows for fact that some career changes take longer to put into practice than others. 

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