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Summer is a time for crazy parties, sleepless nights and active rest. Student all over the world wait for summer to have time for different activities. But is it right to waste all your time for fun? What if there is a good way to spend summer that benefits you in the future?

University programmes can be difficult for unprepared students. You will spend almost all free time in independent study. However, how much time should you spend doing your work? Sometimes it can last for 4-6 hours, and in the summer you might find yourself continuing to study. It doesn’t mean that you should forget about all activities except studying. You just need to pay your attention to studies for 1-2 hours per day. Here you can read how to do it more productively.

Check the website of your university

Your university website offers a lot of useful information for students. On the pages of your department, and specifically in your university's virtual learning environment, you can find the programme, questions to lessons and different useful literature. Check all pages and write down them all. Find and download all books to these questions. It will help you to save time during the academic year.

Ask for help for other students

It is a good idea to share your experience with other students. Find undergraduate students and ask them about studying. They can give you useful information about teachers, subjects, and passing exams. If you are lucky, you can get a real treasure – synopses of different lessons. Using abstracts can also help you to prepare for practical lessons, as well as excluding the necessity of note-taking of lectures. What could be better?

Also, you can refer to online homework help when finding the answers to the hardest questions.

Make a plan for your summer studying

Of course, you don’t need to learn all the information needed for the next year. It’s impossible. But you can choose the most difficult questions and the biggest things you'll have to read, whether it's a novel or numerous scientific papers, a big prose or scientific works, and start to work with them. Make a list of questions. To save your time you should be a real homework planner – name the questions and write down short answers to them. Do at least 1 task every day. Thus, you will be ready for tasks to the hardest assignments when you get back to university.

Revise the information from the last study year

Without an understanding of all material from the last year, you will feel difficulties with new subjects. So summer can be a good time for filling in all the blanks in your knowledge. Read your synopses again. Learn the information that you missed. It will help you to feel confident while the next study year.

Train your brain

A brain is a big muscle. Without training, you can have a lot of problems with your memory. That’s why it is so important to learn by heart new words, terms and information in general. The simplest way is to read texts and retell them. Also, you can use crosswords for brain training. Interesting, but online games also can be useful.

Find a job that connects with your future specialty

The best way to understand information is to see how it work in real life. It is a good idea to have summer work that connects with your future specialty. In this way, you can earn some money and get indispensable experience. Moreover, you are able to see all the benefits of your future work.

Try different activities

Summer is a time for a rest. So don’t forget to pay your attention to hobbies and different activities. Try yourself in different activities and you'll develop great skills for study and work. Develop your creativity and physical state. But don’t forget about the rest.

A good student always can combine hobbies and studies. Now you know the secrets of a good student. Follow this advice and add your own. And remember – a human should study in every age and season.

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