Grumpy young girl in the classroom

There are several methods and practices that educators can apply to make introverted students learn better. These quiet souls are mostly neglected and suffer in distress.

Introverted learners remain comfortable in their own small world, with solo projects to work on. These students are not able to mix like other students. These students can easily be ignored due to being introverts and mostly disappear in large group talks or sessions. This thing is the most destructive element for such students as it affects them badly. Teachers and educators who are wise and have the ability to foresee the problem can address these issue. They arrange sessions and meetings especially for introverted students to address their needs and the problems they face and never talk about. This can be a motivational factor for such learners as they feel a sense of importance in being heard.  

There are some techniques that can be employed to help such students so that they may ask someone to do an assignment and speak their mind, as well as performing better inside and outside the classroom.

The Importance of an Active Learning Atmosphere

It is extremely important for students to be in a healthy environment where they can perform better, where they feel good and are encouraged. It is the duty of the educator to make sure that all students find comfort in the class setting, where they can easily link with the other students and teachers as well. Students will do better if they have the chance to express themselves without the fear of being judged. This can enhance their confidence and motivate them to talk to others and share their ideas as well. Teachers should make it the norm that students share ideas and their thought processes in the classroom without being made fun of. This is such good practice as it can help students greatly. If this setting is provided to introverted students, they can gain their confidence and their overall performance is enhanced. This can even be taken to another level and the students can be given group projects as a chance to interact more and speak out their minds.

Classrooms can be Online

Introverts lack attention most of the time due to the reason that they don't interact with others, sometimes they are even criticised for the same reason. An introvert does not mix with others but this does not mean that these students cannot speak or do not have any ideas. They are just not comfortable. Sometimes it’s even the other way around; they have much to say and have an army of ideas trapped in their minds. A great way to help such students are online classrooms and sessions that teachers arrange. Introverts are somehow comfortable in these settings as they have a feeling that people are not actively watching them. There are many tools that can help the teachers achieve this goal. One such tool is the canvas. There are discussion panels and other activities on these tools for students to benefit from. When introverted students feel comfortable in any setting they start sharing their ideas. This gives an overall boost in confidence and helps them not just in the classroom but in their lives as well, shaping their persona for good. 

Planning the Right Curriculum

Facing the real world can be a challenge for everyone, but for introverts this is a whole new world. It is certainly important that teachers should make an effort to give comfort to introverted students, but they must also teach students to face the real world. There should be special focus on this. Educators have a duty to make the students talk to others so that they can work and communicate with others. One way to move forward with this is planning their curriculum. Introverts must be kept in mind as it can affect their entire year and the overall performance. Teachers should make the necessary arrangements while assigning group-based projects; that both extroverts and introverts should have equal opportunities and can share equal platforms. If introverted students are taught the right manner given the opportunity they can find their place in society. These students are always in dire need to express themselves and to come out of their shell. A little extra effort from teachers and educators is always helpful and goes a long way.

Group Settings vs 1-on-1 Interaction

Introverted students don’t talk much and remain silent most of the time. They have a lot to speak about but they are not comfortable in groups or sharing their ideas in front of others. These students are really good in one-on-one interactions and can talk their hearts out. When the teacher is aware of all the students in the class and knows the temperament of all students, it becomes easier to handle each student accordingly. Teachers can then arrange one-on-one meeting sessions with introverted students so that they become comfortable with the teacher and can share their ideas and the problems they face. This method can have a positive impact and students can become comfortable and have the courage to come out of their shells.

Encouraging Group Settings

Schools mostly encourage group assignments. These kind of projects are meant to improve coordination and cooperation among students. They can also create an overall harmony and balance in society. This can additionally help introverts to learn better and perform in a healthy manner. It becomes the responsibility of educators to make groups according to the nature of the students. The group has to be balanced in every way. If the group has extroverts, they may be good presenters and speak a lot but they may not be able to do the brain storming as well as introverts. If the group only has introverts, they may be good at their work but they will not talk to each other, neither will be able to present in front of the other students. The balance is necessary to maintain harmony and increase their productivity level. If introverted students are placed in the right group setting, they can do much better than others, it can increase their confidence level and can help them perform better. If both types of students are allowed to interact with each other, they can perform better. The introverts can have a feel that they are worthy and can perform much better than anyone else.