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It's hard juggling university work with earning enough money to pay for your rent and stay afloat, however here are some that you can do in your spare time. They are all freelance jobs, great for your CV as you'll gain lots of soft skills and perhaps portfolio pieces, while you might also get the bug for freelancing and continue to do it after you graduate. 

Freelancing is all about finding a role you’re good at, which you can do any time. This means you’ll still be able to devote enough time and energy to studies and exams. Websites such as Student Gems and People Per Hour offer lots of opportunities for freelance jobs for students. Just sign up and let people know what you are good at. You can fit them around studying and also do in the holidays. Here are some ideas of what you might get up to:

Cat/dog sitting

If you miss your pets from back home and are used to handling animals there are plenty of people who want an experienced animal handler to look after their pet when they go on holiday. It might involve feeding them and administering any medicines they might be on, as well as dog walking for dogs. There are lots of websites out there to get you started, including Cat in a Flat and Paw Shake 


Similarly, if you've had previous experience of babysitting while you were at school, why not continue working as a babysitter? Parents are always crying out for more help, and it's an easy way to earn a little bit more. Look after kids regularly, for example by picking them up from school and looking after them before their parents get in, or be that sporadic helping hand when they want to go out for the night. Visit Snuggles, Nanny Job, and Childcare.co.uk for more information and get signed up.  


There are plenty of new small businesses and sole traders out there looking for all sorts of designers to build their websites, design them and their branding, and build their apps. If you're in the midst of art school adapt these skills, how about checking out the freelance websites listed above to get your name out there. You'll also amass a wealth of skills along the way, and maybe even some contacts and future employment. 

Home help

If you find housework soothing, how about becoming a gardener or a cleaner. You'll see all your time and effort being rewarded as spring comes along and the flowers start blooming, and hopefully, you'll get some positive remarks as well.  

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Social media 

Some companies looking to attract young people use them to make sure their social media profiles are in tip-top condition. You'll be paid for posting, interacting with people, and making their social media profiles stand out. It would especially be great if you were looking to enter the social media world upon graduation as it would give you plenty to say on your CV and when you went to interviews.   


The world of online tutoring means that you can tutor pupils anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home. You can tutor in subjects you are comfortable with and where you know the material well and can teach at a multitude of levels from primary school students to adults wishing to brush up their English skills. If you've got a specific skill, you can also become a tutor in an indirect way, by creating a course video and selling it to online learning platforms. You can set how many hours a week you'd like to work and when.  


If you're a journalism student or simply enjoy writing and blogging, there are plenty of companies out want regular blog posts and interesting content for their website. You'll be able to put your name to published material, and may even be able to write in line with another of your interests, let's say it's baking. It will also give you that edge if you are looking for a writing job when you leave university. 

Editing & copywriting

If your writing and editing skills are up to the challenge, editing and sub-editing roles are ideal for all students with a good eye for detail and excellent fact-checking skills. Editing jobs may be less time-consuming than content writing roles, and will again give you the communication skills you need when you enter the world of work. To find editing and copywriting jobs just look at the websites listed above.

Tour guide

As a university student, it's likely that you'll be living somewhere also frequented by tourists. If you enjoy working with other people, can project your voice, and are good at remembering facts and figures, why not become a tour guide? As well as your everyday city tour, you can venture out into the world of ghost tours, literary tours, or art tours, depending on what your city is known for. You may even encounter places you might not otherwise, and find your new, favourite haunt. 


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