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This summer, you'll leap out of university and the golden days of relaxing and chilling are going to end. After that much needed break the obvious question is going to be; what next? There is also a possibility that you might be confused that you don't know where to start.

There are immense of opportunities out there but which one will work the best for you? Still being young your options may seem boundless. But you need not stress about it, because as you read further, things are going to look simpler. So let's take a look at the various options that you can consider for a job, when you are just out of your study life. 

Graphic Design

Advertising being the backbone of major marketing campaigns these days, there is a sharp rise in those create those attention-drawing ads. However, the main brains behind any and every ad that you behold at, in the newspaper or the hoarding, is of the graphic designer

Graphic design basically involves making all the graphics of any ad. It is one of the most creative jobs that anyone can ask for. But, to excel in this sphere, you ought to excel at graphic design and have an edge for it. In addition, you also need to have your left-brain working really fast. 

That’s when creativity will flow in and that will give you a further push, sending you to the top of the ladder. Graphic designers are paid really well for their services and every brand has a shortage of them despite. This reflects how much demand this job has, in the marketing. However, in this field, you should be ready to devour your life to this job. 

You can be at times required to stay for a couple of days in the office while you work on a specific creative or try to crack an idea. But, if you have got passion for design, then this is the thing for you. Just take up a course in graphic design to polish your skill and you shall be great to launch yourself in the market. 

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Along with graphic designers there is a sharp rise in the demand for writers. Graphic designers makes an image but a writer decides what the image has to reflect, what emotions are to be added and what written material must be added so that the image has maximum impact on the viewers. 

You could choose to become a copywriter who writes advertisement copy. Copywriters have a fantastic work life and a great scope in future. 

Writers are not only in demand in ad agencies but are also sought after by other marketing agencies. One of them is the SEO providing agency. SEO, which is an abbreviation for Search Engine Optimisation, is done these days to increase the ranking of a certain brand on the internet. 

But the basis on which it is done is the content, thus the more content you put on internet, the better ranking your page will get. Hence to formulate this content, content writers are required by SEO providing companies. 

You can also write blogs as a side profession and if your blog is in high demand then you can have advertisers paying you to put their ads on your blog. If you are interested in books and novels and want to write one then you can start with that too. 

It’s a very long process that involves you doing massive research and then formulating a story around it. But if you are creative enough and have a fantastic story in mind, you can always be a novel writer and make your mark on the world by publishing your work.

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Do you have it in you to get things noticed by the public? If you have done university projects or have been part of core teams that looks after university-level events then you must have realised if you possess that skill or not. If you feel that you have that talent up your sleeve then you have all the means to make a bright career in the field of marketing. 

Working as a marketing professional exposes you to a vast number of options in the industry. Your skill is valued everywhere and there is no place where there is no demand for a marketer. In this tough world where every company is competing neck-to-neck competition, every brand is willing to pay as much as you demand for using your marketing skills if you are really great at this.

Therefore marketing is a very lucrative option for you to take up after you are out of the university. There also are certain courses that you can do for polishing your marketing skills. 

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Client Servicing

For all the pleasant faces who are great at speaking and excel in persuading anyone, this is the right option for them. Client servicing basically involves being the front face of the company or the brand that you are working for. You will be required to meet the clients, know their requirements and then narrate it to the team of people who work at delivering all the promises to the client. 

Important note: this is not a sales job! There is a vast difference between marketing and sales. 

Client servicing has a great scope for growth if you are really great at it. All you need to do is, be great at speaking, convincing and be a good listener. The job can be challenging at times; you might be required to stay back, go for meetings on odd times and be with the backend team of your brand to make sure if they are working as per demanded by the client. Client servicing is generally required in industries that are client specific such as advertising agencies or marketing agencies. 

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Public Relations

It is becoming important for any well-known brands and companies to have someone who deals from their end with the public. Public relations is generally a department of any company that deals with the customers of the company as well as the general public. 

People who work as public relations professionals are also responsible for maintaining their employers' relation with their associates and other companies with whom they will be in a merger or a tie up with. 

Just like client servicing, you are required to be great in communication if you are opting to take up a job in this field. Along with a great scope for growth, this stream also offers to you a great chance to build a vast network for yourself, which can always come handy whenever it calls for. 

Sketching or Painting 

No matter how advanced we get with technology, we will always like that touch of the golden age. We aren’t able to part with few things of that age and love them still from our hearts. One such thing is paintings and sketches. 

Even though we have the best ways and devices to capture our memories and the beauty of the places on Earth, we still love the charm of painting and sketches. People these days are ready to pay handsomely for any piece of art if it is painted or sketched in such a way that it pleases the eyes and the soul of the buyer. 

People find it rich and classy to have best paintings in their homes or personal galleries. So if you feel that you have the art in you such that you can do wonders with a brush, charcoal and canvas then the world is a masterpiece for you. 

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This is the thing these days! Everyone is looking forward towards starting his or her own startup. It is not bad to work under someone; that’s quite obvious, but the pleasure of having your own business is something that you can’t even imagine of without attaining it. 

So if you have a strong idea in your mind that you think that you can bank on and generate a great deal of revenue for yourself, then you can always turn it into your business and start working towards building it up. 

However, before you start up with it, you are required to make a precise business plan, find the loopholes in it, correct them, arrange for finances and do many more things. It takes time to do all of this and so for time being if you feel that while you work on your business idea, you still have some time remaining in your hand then you can always take up a small scale job. 

For being an entrepreneur, you don’t need to have a world-class idea that will change the lives of everyone across the globe. Even a small idea like opening a restaurant or a clothing boutique can be enough to fulfil your dreams and reach to wherever you are looking to be, ten years down the line.

No matter what job you take up, no matter what field that you enter, you need to remember to do the work that you love to do and keep your targets feasible and achievable. Don’t expect tonnes from yourself and don’t exhaust yourself. Be patient and things will be go in the manner you always dreamt them to be. Best of luck!

Lewis Khan is a content writer who works for a British clothing boutique ( situated in Northampton. Not just a writer, he also focuses on reading a lot of blogs about education, sports and health. Currently employed to follow his passion of writing, Lewis is still looking forward to educate himself further. His conquest is getting him enlightened to know various fields people can follow these days to create their career, and as a responsible youth he finds it as his moral responsibility to impart his gained knowledge about it to all.