Female student sitting at a dining room table looking at her book and laptop

Are you struggling to balance your job and studies? Well, it is completely understandable. Many students have to find part-time jobs to support themselves. It is already a lot to manage with your studies, but many people have no choice to balance both sides of their lives. Finding employment can also be part of your future plans. There are a lot of transferrable skills you can learn through your part-time job. No one is angry at extra money, so this might just be a great decision. Here are some important tips you need to apply if you want to balance work and college/university.

Check your schedule

Before you apply for a job, make sure that it does not interfere with your university schedule. Plus you need to give yourself a little downtime after lectures and labs. This does not always work, as many students go to work straight after university. This is why it is important to check the working hours first. If it suites your lifestyle and your time, it should be a good fit. Working on your personal statement and doing your job can be a tough one, but it is doable.

Set your routine

Once you have your university hours and your work hours, it is time to start planning your routine. In this routine you have to consider everything else that goes on in your life. Do not forget your social life, even if there is not a lot of it. It is important to have a routine, because without it, you might forget important details. If you need to do your study abroad personal statement, you need to work that extra detail into your routine. When it comes to big tasks, you can break it up into small chunks. A routine will be the foundation of balancing your life at this stage.


As a student, you have to understand that studying is always the priority. It is not to say that your part-time job is not, but it comes down to prioritising. Getting that essay in on time is important and should always be first on your list. It may feel overwhelming at some stages of this journey, but you should keep your focus on what is most important for your future plans.

Enjoy your life

This may seem cliché, but it is actually the most important tip. If you are doing all of this and it is not enjoyable, then you need to ask yourself if it is worth it. A life that is balanced will always be enjoyable. Remember that these years are important and if you do not allow yourself to have some fun, it might seem like a drab one. Yes, that internship application is important, but after you are done, give yourself a small reward. Do something that does not involve stress, at least once a day. This can be a cup of coffee that you sip on for twenty minutes. Whatever it is, make sure you love and enjoy the moment.


Whatever your motivation is for finding a part-time job, you have to believe that a balance is doable. Once you find yours, it is going to be magic. Do your best in everything that you take on, but always remember that you do not have to be perfect in everything you do. At the end of the day, you are the only one who can create a balance in your life. I hope you find inspiration in these tips and apply them to find your own balance.