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Have you found yourself stranded this year for people to live with or are there two of you wanting to live with more people? It may be a daunting prospect, but don’t worry there are plenty of ways to find your perfect accommodation and make new friends along the way!

Private student accommodation

Due to the rise in student accommodation there are plenty of options to live in a location close to uni, in clean and comfortable surroundings and with other students. They may be the most expensive option, however they give you piece of mind that you’re in a safe, secure environment. 

There will be lots of other individuals or small groups of people that want to live with others. Your university accommodation office will have a list of private halls that they recommend and you can then contact them privately to have a look round and see whether one of their rooms is for you. Living in these halls you’ll also have the chance to meet fellow students, students from other local universities, international students and post-graduate students. 

Peruse the web

Forums such as The Student Room have groups where people post their flatmate or housemate needs and with a little searching you might be able to find some very suitable accommodation. 

Accommodation for Students help you find flats together and also has an area where you can find housemates to live with you or to live with. They are a good option for students as they cater specifically for your needs, while you only need to live with fellow students. Other websites which offer the same service include StuRents, Pads for Students, and Rightmove Students

Other websites, such as Room Go and Spareroom offer the same service, however you might not necessarily live with students. 

Your university office

Your university will have an office to help with finding student accommodation.

You can go in and talk to them and they’ll be able to give you advice on the local area, what letting agencies are reliable, which private student accommodation you can try and areas in which you can find other flatmates. 

They might also have their own online forums to find flatmates, or arrange ‘find a flatmate’ type events where you can meet others in the same position as you, with similar budgets and requirements, so you can start house hunting together.