6 productivity apps to keep your revision going

Are you stuck in the midst of revision not knowing what to do next or spending too much time checking the internet? If you are then look no further. Here are six productivity apps to get you back on track and focused. Come on the A*s!!

1. Remember the Milk 

Remember the Milk is a to-do app to which you can create either complete revision notes or lists to do. You can use them while you are out and about and have them synced up to your computer ready for when you get home. You can prioritise your revision and set yourself tasks and reminders and if you do set reminders you'll receive texts or emails telling you to get to work so you'll never have an excuse! 

Available on: Web, Apple and Android for free

2. Exam countdown

Exam countdown gives you the opportunity to have all the dates of your exam stored in one place as well as being colour-coded. You'll never forget an exam and will be able to plan your time leading up to each exam. 

Available on: Apple and Android for free

3. AppDetox

AppDetox helps you to calm down your mobile app usage, and take a digital detox. You are able to set your own rules for your app detox, locking yourself out of those over-used apps, and if you violate one of your own rules, AppDetox will remind you to take a break and stop your heavy app usage. You can even keep track of these violations in a log so you'll never want to pick up your phone again check Facebook again. 

Available on: Android for free

4. StayFocusd

StayFocusd increases your productivity by limiting the amount of time that you can spend on time-wasting websites. Download it onto your web browser and set time limits for your go-to procrastination websites. Once your allotted time has been used up, the sites you have blocked will be inaccessible for the rest of the day.

Available on: Google Chrome extension for free

5. Forest: Stay Focused

The Forest app is a game but unlike, Sims, Plant versus Zombie or PubG, you play the game by staying away from your phone and being focused on what really matters and needs to be done. It works by firstly planting a virtual tree on the app and setting a timer for the amount of time you want to stay focused for (the timer can be set for anything around 10 minutes to 2 hours). With the timer set, go ahead and get started with your work for the tree to start growing, BUT make sure you have the app open so it knows you haven’t gone out of the app and become distracted, as closing/leaving the app will result in your tree dying.

Also, play the game and plant REAL trees by spending the virtual coins you earn in the app, as Forest works with the real-tree-planting organisation to plant real trees on earth

Available on: Apple and Android for free

6. Todait

Todait is a smart study planner to help you be more efficient in your revision. It will help you manage your study routine and the material you've got to learn and automatically sets up your plans from day one to the last day with you just entering your study goal and the length of time. The app's Automatic Plan Adjustment system will adjust your study plans and divide the study material when you are ahead of or behind schedule, with a stopwatch that can be used to measure and manage study time for every subject. You can continuously check your progress and the Study Trend Graph shows you your weekly progress and average study time. 

Available on: Apple and Android for free


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