Revising via video Whats out there

As you're lucky enough to live in the modern age, one way in which you can revise is using videos. Plenty of teachers and schools post revision videos on the internet and here are some of the best out there.

You might not find them all useful or appealing, but having a quick flick through may work wonders. If you're someone that finds it easy to learn when listening and watching someone, they will help cement your knowledge and explain concepts you didn't quite understand. 

As you can see, there are plenty, more than enough resources out there. Many of them are through YouTube, and you may want to bookmark the videos you find most useful and most inspiring to create and curate your own YouTube channel that best suits your needs. 

Based in the US, the Khan Academy is great for some GCSE and A-level subjects including Science, History, Maths, Economics and Computer Science. However, because they are American, remember that their syllabus is different and their methods used may also be different. The Khan Academy has over 1,800 very useful videos which can be used to help you get your head around concepts and theories you don't understand. 

BBC Bitesize offers lots and lots of short video clips for you to watch from Key Stage 1 to GCSE in a range of subjects including the humanities, arts, languages, sciences and maths. They also have a free, downloadable app so you can revise whenever and wherever you want. As well as content, the app offers on-the-go flashcards and quizzes. 

My GCSE Science is designed to help students studying AQA Core Science, Additional Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics GCSE. Each video is accompanied by revision notes and more videos are added every week.  Freesciencelessons also have a plethora offer GCSE and A-level science videos. 

Dani is a girl who narrates some of her GCSE and A-level notes to popular appeal, including Geography, Economics, History and Maths. 

Economics Alex narrates his A-level Economics notes making the subject more understandable. 

Student Blog's Revision App provides plenty of videos for GCSEs and A-levels in a whole range of subjects. 

The Cherwell School in Oxford has a range of YouTube channels for GCSE students, with a specific channel for Science and English. Evelyn Grace Academy is another school that has videos created by the teachers at the school to help with GCSE revision.

If you are looking for inspiration for History, Heber History offers a collection of History videos that have been on the TV and internet while everyone likes Mr. Harrold's revision channel. 

Mr. Bennett and TGT Tutorials have videos for those of you wishing to revise Geography.  

For those studying RE GCSE MrMcMillanREvis's Youtube channel helps students studying the Edexcel AS exam board. 



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