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Writing. Most of us have a file somewhere on our hard drive that is hidden from plain sight which contains our exploits into the world of writing. Many of us have dreams of writing a screenplay, selling it, getting famous in Hollywood, directing our creation and enjoying the good life! Or is it just me? In any case, most of us don't get past that first day when we got a spark of inspiration and decided to write our masterpiece. The first obstacle is usually the last one, you realise how hard writing actually is and you lose your will to push through all the challenges.

On the other hand, writing is an intricate part of our everyday lives. We don't even think about it that much but depending on our stages in life we are constantly writing homework, essays, dissertations and countless emails. 

So why don't you spend some time, invest in yourself and release your inner Hemingway!

Here are a few tips that will get you going:

Expand your vocabulary!

If you want to be serious about your writing, you should probably expand your vocabulary. This is a general statement that is applicable for most people today. We tend to oversimplify. No one says that you should write so that no one understands what you are saying, you just need to speak more eloquently than you would in a regular conversation and yet keep everything easy enough to read. You could pick up a dictionary and learn new words this way but if this is too old fashioned for you there are plenty of applications and websites designed with this specific purpose.

Learn by example!

Today, many students are buying term papers and other academic papers online. There are many great companies like MyEssayWriting.co.uk that provide essay writing services. These are great when you are in a tight spot with time and overwhelmed with obligations but they can be a great learning tool as well. You will get to see, firsthand, how a really good written and researched essay should look. You can use the structure of it as a template for all your future writing efforts in academic writing!

Read more

This is an absolute must. To write well you need to read good and by good, I mean good material. Classics are classics for a reason. Not only will you be reading the work of masters in their craft. You will experience amazing stories that you might not have before and all while passively getting better at writing. You will combine the first two points of this text and will witness firsthand how to beautifully structure sentences and you will certainly vastly expand your vocabulary in the process.

Get your grammar in check

Grammar is essential. No matter how good your idea is, or how interesting or humorous texts are if you are writing with grammatical mistakes no one will take you seriously. In today's day and age, to be fair, this is absolutely ok. There are so many applications and programmes that check spelling and grammar and in depth that you have absolutely no excuse for even one mistake. Be sure to always double check everything before submitting and use apps and programs at your disposal so that you always submit clean and polished work.

Stay focused

When you take up writing try to stay focused as much as possible. Solutions to problems will come if you just stay on top and think about the problem at hand. If you encounter a problem within your story and immediately take a break or check your social media accounts or look at some videos you will get nowhere. You need to exclude all distractions as much as possible and just focus on your work. If you are not able to do this yourself again there are specific programmes and applications that will limit or even turn off your internet connection for a period of time or they will block certain applications.

Tech up

You have probably realised that throughout this article I mention programmes and applications available that can help you with your writing. This is absolutely true and you should use it to the fullest extent. There are applications specifically that check your spelling and grammar, that design little games for you to memorise new words, to help you outline a story or an essay. If you are having ideas in unusual moments get a digital tape recorder and keep it on you, there is even an app for that if you prefer to just carry your phone. There are so many useful and interesting tools available that will make learning to write better so much fun!

Learn by doing

Writers write, always! You should start to write something, anything, you like and upgrade your craft as you upgrade and expand your story. Keep it simple in the beginning no more than three or four characters so you can keep all relationships and character arcs in check. Once you get better and feel more in command you can further expand on your work by adding more characters, locations and different components.

You want everything you write to be easy enough to read so that readers can enjoy it without getting a headache. As you have probably guessed there are specific applications designed to help you with this as well. Keep your sentences precise and to the point so that they have a natural flow. Most applications that focus on readability will highlight the sentences that are too long, too heavy on adjectives or just confusing so you can edit them to be better. This component is especially important if you are writing some academic essays or online formats like blogs. Readers today don't have much time and require clean yet interesting content to keep them engaged.

If you were having doubts I hope this text has inspired you to at least look into writing and all the tools available out there designed to help you on your journey. Do a bit of research and find ones that best suit your style and taste and just go for it, who knows maybe you have something amazing stuck in your mind just waiting to be transferred onto paper and into our homes!

My name is Kerrie Haynes. I am studying at the last year of university and I am a young writer. I like to write about education as it is one of the important things nowadays. You can find me via My Essay Writing.