European building with the words Study Abroad for free in the foreground

Studying abroad is exciting to any student but it can also become pricy. You have to be clever going about it and look out for any hidden costs. Education is never cheap and many students just cannot afford to go study abroad. It is a real shame that something like money holds you back. Here are a few tips to help you achieve your goals and not pay anything.


Receiving a scholarship is a great way to study abroad for free. There are of course requirements you have to fulfil before you receive a scholarship, but it is completely possible. Do your research and find out which institutions or companies offer scholarship and apply. Look at the criteria and it costs you nothing to throw your name in the hat. You will most likely be required to produce a personal statement for a scholarship application alongside any references from your tutors to convince the board that you are the best candidate. Look for a samples of study abroad statements to help you understand the structure and content you should focus on.


The great thing about receiving a grant is that there is no requirement to pay anything back. The competition is usually pretty stiff, but if you can prove that you are in need of financial help there is no reason why you should not receive it. Write a study abroad letter of intent and look at any other requirements needed when applying for a grant. Usually grants are offered as a form of social help and therefore you might be required to provide evidence of your financial situation to qualify.


If you are a post graduate student, you can often qualify for a fellowship. There are limited seats for fellowships so you will be required to compete with others. If you are doing your Master's or Doctoral degree abroad you can apply. Depending on the course you want to do, you could also apply for your living expenses to be funded. Find out if your country offers fellowships and what you need to do to receive this type of funding. There are also private and public funds available. It might take you a while to research if you want to track these institutions down. Speak to other students who received this type of funding or go on a post grad forum and ask.


These are great ways to help you achieve your goal of studying abroad. Going to another country is a great opportunity, not only for your studies. You will be able to learn about another culture and connect with people around the world. Do not let the financial side of this stop you from experiencing this amazing opportunity of living in another country. If I could suggest to you, chose somewhere out of the norm. Which country intrigues you? There is also a level of maturity you will gain while fending for yourself without family and friends.

Many students who comes back from studying abroad gain new found confidence because they know that they can stand on their own feet. It takes you out of your comfort zone and allows you to define your own life. There is no doubt that you will never regret this decision. The beginning might be a bit difficult as you try and adjust, but once you get the hang of things, it’s all uphill from there. Commit to achieving high grades while you are studying abroad. Students also say they are able to focus better on their school work because there is less distractions from friends. Take this opportunity to grow yourself educationally as well as emotionally. You will surely come back wiser.