So for many UK students now is the nervous wait for exam results released mid-August.  Many of you have probably already made summer plans to keep you busy before receiving your results and heading to university.  For those of you who haven’t planned your summer and are thinking the chance to lie around in front of the television all day sounds pretty appealing, believe me it’s not.  The novelty of doing nothing wears off after a day when you realise everyone else is doing something.  So rather than sitting around and wasting the summer there are a number of things you could spend your time doing:


Now is the perfect time to get a job and save up all that money you will need for university life. Whether it’s seasonal work such as; beach lifeguards, pool assistants, and summer camp workers or maybe working in retail such as; shop assistants, delivery workers, and stock takers this is the opportunity to earn some money, meet new people and bulk out your CV. It is also worth considering gaining work experience or taking part in an internship over the summer period, it is a great way to get a feel for the kind of career and workplace you might consider applying for after university, as well as gaining considerable work place experience and showing future employees that you are serious about your future career.


If you still find you have some time on your hands then why not volunteer during the summer. The great thing about volunteering is there are so many opportunities to get involved in and all varying for different lengths of time giving you the chance to work and support a number of different charitable causes.  The best place to start with when looking for volunteer opportunities in your local area is the Do It website (see below) where you just need to enter your postcode and you will be led to an extensive list of opportunities in your local area.  


You’re young and for the time being free of commitments, so maybe now is the time to pack up your bags and see what the world has to offer. For students in the UK the obvious option is to pop across the channel and head further into Europe.  Many European countries offer great affordable hostel accommodation for young travellers which can help keep the costs down if you are on a tight budget.  Alternatively many companies offer great prices for students travelling further abroad with many tours tailored for those who enjoy sightseeing, cultural, extreme sports and adventures or beach stays.

How else to whittle away the summer:

  • Pursue a hobby
  • Learn a foreign language
  • Start a project
  • Get fit

Useful Websites

Job Centre plus - - the first port of call when searching for jobs in the local area.  Also consider asking directly from your potential employers if there are any summer vacancies available as not all vacancies are posted online.

Summer Jobs - - a very easy to use website with lots of ideas and opportunities for summer jobs in different work places.

Do It - - an extensive list of local volunteer opportunities.

Charity Job - - a popular website with national charities so a lot of choices available.

Where I’m at . . . I am heading off to join a summer camp for the next week to support siblings who have been separated by the care system.  The residential camp is an important way of rebuilding and developing the sibling bond between these children who have not had the opportunity for sustained contact.  Fingers crossed the sun stays out!