Young female holding books outside a university building

Pressed for time and money? A few universities in the UK now offer so-called accelerated degrees. These are Bachelor’s programmes that allow you to gain an honours degree over two years rather than the conventional three. For the Autumn and Winter terms you'll learn alongside other students, however you stay on during the Summer to take an additional term each year. In this way, you have the same number of teaching weeks as a three-year programme, with the same work-load, coursework and exams.

Although they are not for everyone, two-year degrees offer another studying option depending on your circumstances. Furthermore, they are only offered at some universities and in some subjects, often business, law, events and the humanities. 


  • You’ll gain the same degree over two years meaning that you can enter the work place a year earlier and start earning a year earlier. 
  • You’ll save on living costs while at university because you only have to pay for two years’ accommodation.
  • As a matriculated student you still get to experience university life, being a student and making friends with access to the same learning and social facilities three-year degree students.
  • As you’ve demonstrated how organised, driven and dedicated you are through your accelerated degree your qualifications will be valued by employers.


  • A two-year degree is intensive as you’ll be studying the same amount of material in a shorter time, so you’ll need to be organised and you may find that you miss out on breaks and holidays.
  • The traditional long summer breaks give you the opportunity to do something different, for example work to pay for your living costs at university, undertake an internship or volunteer abroad, which you will not be able to take part in. 
  • You’ll also not be able to undertake long placements and gain industrial experience as part of your degree. 
  • Especially if you are a young student, you’ll have less time to think about the skills you’ve gained, what you can do with them and where you want to be in the future.


There are currently only a hand full of universities that offer two-year courses, which include: 

 University of Buckingham

University of Northampton 

 Staffordshire University

London School of Commerce

 BPP University

University of Greenwich

 University of Derby

University of Plymouth

 University of Hertfordshire

Glyndwr University

 Leeds Trinity University

Bangor University 

 Leeds Beckett University