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My last day of school so far has been stressful but enjoyable. Next September is year 11 and the last year of school. It’s been stressful because it’s exam season, every single teacher is on your back wanting you to do well but it is also the pressure that's put on you from family and your teachers that really set you back a little. All you care about is getting your grades and knowing that you’re doing your best. On the other hand, the are lots of things to look forward to at the end of the academic year, for example graduation and prom, and most of all leaving your school and not coming back knowing that you are free from your head of year telling you there is “9 months left until your first exam!” Even though I am going to miss the school once I leave, I cant wait for it, I want to now be able to explore the different pathways out there for me. It is also good to see the amount of effort all the staff put in to make sure that we are not left on our own. When we leave they will still help and provide as much support as they can for us to have your best chance in the next stage in life to come.

At the moment am not to sure about the occupation I would want to get myself into but I have my mind on becoming a midwife. Even though this could change I would really love if I took it up as my profession. I want a career in midwifery because I love help people and also love working with children so why not help bring them into this world? The plan I am choosing to take is to stay in education move into collage and then go onto university. I would at least need 5 A-C grade GCSEs (including English and a science subject) and at least 2 (preferably 3) A' levels including biology to go to uni and them become a midwife.

Some of the universities you can study midwifery I’ve looked at:

The are no specific apprenticeships for midwifery but the are other apprenticeships in the NHS such as:

  • Business administration and human resources
  • Communications and marketing
  • Construction/estates services
  • Dental nursing
  • Electrical and engineering

If you would like to find out more about these pathways, please see the NHS website.

As I am in two mind about what I would like to do when I leave school I would like to try to find the best routes possible and use websites like Eluceo to give me different choices that will hopefully help me decide. Also I would like to volunteer in different places and see how that goes and whether I would like to take that up as a career. Keeping your options open is very important because you never know what life is going to throw at you, being out of your comfort zone, doing things that keep you off your feet will always give you the sense of mystery and not knowing what is next.

The thing I enjoy at school is the people around me and knowing that I have my teachers who want me to succeed not fail in life, and that give me the confidence to give my best in everything that am doing in school. I am not sure if I would like to go into an academic career or a vocational on this is because I would like to keep my options open.

If all fails I would maybe try to start something on my own, for example a hairdressers or a little company that will give people help and guidance they need in life.