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If you were an NHS Volunteer responder during COVID19 and have caught the volunteering bug, now is the time to think about a career change. Where in the NHS can you put your skills and talents to good use? Luckily for you, they provide a whole range of opportunities and are in need of people like you!

For more information specifically about NHS careers, their Healthcare Careers website have everything you need to know about frontline and supporting roles. We've divided up the range of careers on offer in the NHS into three distinct groups. These are those that are long-term goals needing specific training, those that are short-term moves where less training and qualifications are required, and careers that might be exactly the same as what you currently do, just in the NHS environment.

Long-term Career Goals

Some careers need specific and long-term training, however they are often second careers and with the training you will earn a decent salary and benefits and will have a career for life. These include careers such as:

Short-term Career Goals

Some careers need less training and experience - you might be offered the training on the job or will only have to study for a few months to gain these positions. These include:

Current Career Roles

Additionally, the NHS offer a whole host of other roles which might directly link to your current career. These are a great way to put your skills and experience to good use while giving something back. A lot of the opportunities come under three broad categories: 

Construction Careers

Business & Finance Careers


  • Receptionist
  • Health Records Manager
  • Medical Secretary

Do you find a career here that catches your eye? Let us know in the comments below.