Close up of hands drawing with a ruler on a pad of paper

My work experience this week has focused on building my soft skills such as: A Positive Attitude (always makes me happy that I can put a smile on someone's face if there is one on mine), Good Communication Skills (helping me to sell myself more to the people I am working with), Time Management (to make sure I keep track of what am doing at all times and not wasting time), acting as a Team Player (being considerate to others around me and always making sure I have something do). Self-confidence is also one of the things that has grown while I've been here, and work experience gave me the opportunity to be more confident in myself. I know the people who am working with, and I know that they are there to help me in the things that am doing and to give me the best experience possible. 

Doing work experience also gives you the opportunity and the chance to live your soon-to-be occupation or find out what might be coming next. Meeting people from different backgrounds and different ages was very good because I learnt how be to considerate of everyone around me and know that it's time to focus and not play games any more. Work experience also gives you a chance to work from 9-5, to experience actual work life which can be long at times. However it is very good to experience it to know what you are doing and how it feels. A top tip would be to always have a professional attitude because it helps you sell yourself more to the people working with you and maybe when you’re done they could consider you for the job as you were able to display that you are able to work with them and always have a positive attitude.   

Commuting to my work experience placement has been easy for me because it is not that far from where I live. But trying to avoid rush hour is a bit tricky! I don't really like being in places where the are too many people and when you've had a long day and just want to go home, trying to get on a busy tube is not the most please of experiences. Working by myself has been a good experience because I had always dreamed of working with a team, but when I got the chance to work by myself I really enjoyed it because it gave me the chance to work at my own pace and be able to meet deadlines on time also to do things to the best of my abilities because am only concentrating on one thing.

The world of life is very stressful, there is never time to have a break and you always have something to do. The are loads of jobs out there and you just have to find the right one. Don’t get yourself into a job that you will regret afterwards, but try to find something that will suit you. If you're a person who loves not knowing what is coming next I will recommend that you say away from offices because you will regret it; it's not easy to sit in one place for the whole day. Imagine you doing this for the rest of your life!

As I am doing work experience I have had the chance to work with a team and by myself. I really enjoyed working with the team because we were all there to help each other out and there was constant laughter whilst doing work, on the other hand I did enjoy working by myself because it was just me but I do prefer working with people.

Working with vague instructions are good at times because I get to make my work my own and go in whatever direction I want to go in, but it can be hard at times because you need some sense of how you want thing to go and have to plan your work in advance.

I have really enjoyed the work I have done because it all came from me. I have had a chance to write about the things that I am doing, my journey to year 11, what I have learnt, the way work experience has helped me and also have also published my blogs on the Eluceo website. Eluceo has given me the chance to have something with my name on it and also help me find out alternative occupations out there for me.

Also I had the opportunity to make a Snapchat account for the company. This was overwhelming because I was trusted with something that gave me more confidence. Even though I have had the best time of my life, I think an office life is not for me. I may want to go into something that gives me more chance to be on my feet.

Overall I feel like work experience is something everyone should try and accomplish in their lifetime before to enter into the life of work for real. You don’t want to end up doing something you thought you might have enjoyed but you don’t.  

My top tips on how to have a successful work experience are:

    • develop your soft/hard skills
    • be on time
    • have a open mind, try something new and don’t limit yourself with the opportunities you are given
    • show commitment
    • have fun