Close up of a hand making notes with a pencil, receipt and calculator

With recent technological developments, the future seems much more fictional than any Sci-Fi movie so far. It is normal for young people to be concerned about their career choices when there are findings showing that every robot will replace about five workers. Due to these circumstances, a career that was once considered a safe choice that will allow you a secure future and possibilities for growth has now become unpredictable. If you are considering getting into accounting, but are having doubts about whether or not you’ll eventually become replaced with a smartphone app, let us try to find out if that is possible.

Is accounting a job for humans only?

Let us think about this for a moment. What skills do you need to become an accountant? You need to be good with numbers, have great organisational capabilities and know how to collect and analyse data. Sounds like an app can cover all that, but can it? An accountant role is much more than being an elaborate abacus. This job requires knowing the laws and regulations, analysing situations in specific contexts and forging connections between different sectors of a company, so it is safe to say that an app alone can’t accomplish all that.

Can apps help?

While apps cannot do the entire job an accountant does, they can make some tasks in this area easier, and they can be of help to accounting students. They can help you get exam advice, the latest technical articles and support for your qualification, career tips, advice from tutors, interactive quizzes, news from the accountancy world and, of course, a system that will enable you to do your tasks faster and more efficient.

The need for constant learning

Accounting may not be a part of the past, but it has changed quite a lot in the last couple of years and it will continue to change. Therefore, if you decide to get into this career, you need to be prepared to constantly learn new things, whether strictly associated with your profession or covering a wider area that has some connections to accounting, such as legislation. Getting an essential certificate IV in bookkeepingis just the beginning of your learning process. In this course, you will learn everything from preparing financial reports to establishing and maintaining accounting system.

Non-traditional accounting areas

Along with the changes in education, come changes in the very working process, and today, accountants are much more involved in various tasks that were earlier considered to be out of their field of interest, such as information technology and strategic planning. In fact, a survey done by the finance and accounting job placement firm Robert Half Management Resources found that the vast majority of accountants are increasing the amount of time they are devoting to these non-traditional tasks, and that, on average, they spend about a third of their working hours on duties that are not accounting-related. According to another survey, done by the same company, some of the most sought-after non-accounting skills for accountants are general business knowledge, IT, communication skills, leadership abilities and customer service orientation.

The perks of accounting career

The perks of starting an accounting career make it a great study choice. First, it does provide you with job security as long as you are good at what you do. With a growing number of small and medium businesses, surely there will be a lot of job openings out there for you. Also, there are a lot of opportunities for growth and progress as well as a chance to decide on a specific field of work that suits you best. If you don’t manage well in forensic accounting, you can always decide for internal auditing, and so on.

So, to answer our question from the beginning: accountants won’t be replaced with apps anytime soon. That’s why this is still a safe career choice to make.