A few weeks into your first term at uni and you'll surely have found your feet. But do people love you or hate you? That's the ultimate question. Take our quiz to find out what type of student you really are. 


What type of fresher are you?

Which type of fresher are you like? What do you do at freshers week?

The Mum

You take care of everybody and always make sure they will have everything they need before a night out; their keys, their phone, their ID, money, a coat if its cold, if they have their ID and they're feeling okay. You might be a bit of a pain in the neck at times but you're always there to look after your friends when they need you and that's why they love you.

The Ultimate Lad

You're always to be found with a drink in your hand and you'll be there at the back of the party bus leading all the chants and getting everyone to join in. People will always find you fun, for about 10 minutes after that you're a real pain in the neck. You're friends love you though because you're always a laugh.

The Joiner-in

You're going to make the most of your university years, so you join everything! You take part in so many activities, you have to get up so early and go to bed late to fit it all in. You're in 2 sports teams, edit the magazine, are the president of the film society, and the baking society but you still make time for all your lectures and plenty of nights out.

The Enlightened Gap Year Student

You come back from a Gap Year and claim you have totally changed. You look like your going to a festival all the time, and you have 1 conversation topic. That topic is your life changing gap year travelling around some places no one has ever heard of nor cares about. You may have some interesting stories, but you don't have to over do it.

The Big Name on Campus

You BNOC's are the equivalent of the campus celebrities. It's amazing you can get anything done being stopped every 5 minutes by you're admiring fans. You must have worked so hard to get this fame, going on every night out and every party for the last 3 years.

The Jaded One

You're so over university before you even arrive at your halls. Students are just so immature and you can't be dealing with them. You would much rather sit in your room and read the works of some obscure philosopher.

The Social Butterfly

All round nice guy/girl. Gets a round in for the mates, gets on with everyone and money isn't really an object you just follow the fun!

What is your perfect Night out?

Clubbing at Tiger Tiger

Anywhere I can drink Craft Beer?

Doesn't matter as long as it's Life Changing

Students Union



House Party

What Is Your Ideal Holiday?

World Class DJ's in Ibiza

Boat Party in Kos


Road Trip: Route 66 Style trip

Adventure Holiday e.g Bungee Jumping

Rambling Holiday round the UK

City break somewhere amazing

If you could be an animal what would it be?








Which Quote best defines you??

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

No quote can define me

If your happy and you know it clap your hands?!

Down it!!

Surround yourself with positive people and you'll be a positive person

Who do you admire?

Dalai Lama

Miley Cyrus

Dapper Laughs

Friedrich Nietsche


Barack Obama

How many Facebook friends do you have?

I don't have Facebook

0-100 Friends




1000+ I'm so cool

What Disney Character are you?

Baloo the Bear

Sebastian the crab

Fairy Godmother

Cruella De Vil

Timone and Pumbaa

Ariel the mermaid


Olaf the snowman

Where do you get your lunch on campus?

Bring food in a Tupperware myself!

Tesco meal deal!

Organic Vegetarian Cafe. I'm health conscious!

Don't eat during the day, saving money for booze

Students Union. I want to see and be seen!