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Find out what kind of learner you are with this quiz! 

 Did you know that there are three types of learner?? Auditory, Visual and Kinaesthetic, find out which one you are with this quiz! 

What kind of learner are you?

People have different learning styles. Do you know whether you are an auditory learner, visual learner or a kinaesthetic learner? Take our quiz to find out more!

Auditory Learner

You learn better through listening to lecturers, audio books and presentations. When listening to everything around you, you really soak it all up and find it easier than playing memory games. When revising remember to read it aloud to yourself as it'll sink in quicker.

Visual Learner

As a visual learner you find it easiest to learn by reading and remembering the layout of your notes. Use this as an excuse to brighten up your notes and spend all your time with colourful pens!

Kinaesthetic Learner

You learn best through physical activities and being able to play with things. It is harder for you to revise because it's not as simple as reading a book or watching a video, you have to really think about the best way for you to learn. Games are usually a good way to go for Kinaesthetic learners so here is an excuse to come up with the wackiest revision game ever!

In class I am...

Listening to the teacher

Reading my textbook and making notes

Playing with my pencil case and getting really bored

If I'm lost I...

Look at the map and figure it out

Ask for directions and listen closely

Just keep going until I think I've found it

In class you've been told off for...

Reading out loud to yourself


Looking around the room and daydreaming

When listening to music you...

Concentrate on the words

Watch the music video too

Dance and sing along with it

At a party you are..

In deep conversation with friends

Busting some moves on the dancefloor

Soaking up the atmosphere

What do you do when you're relaxing...

Listen to music

Watch TV

Play sports and hang out with friends

When building something you...

Read the instructions and follow them closely

Figure it out on your own

Look at the diagrams and go for it

You prefer to watch...