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Which TV or Film student character do you most resemble?? Take the quiz and find out! 


Which Fictional Student are you??

Which TV or Film student character do you most resemble?

Cady Heron

You are a hard worker and really smart, but you're worried of what people might think of you so you dumb yourself down a little bit. But you're a total nerd deep down and people love you for it!

Lauren Cooper

AM I BOVVERED?! You really couldn't care less about school and can't wait to leave. Teachers are there to annoy you so you like to annoy them back which everyone finds hilarious. You hate school but school wouldn't be the same without you!

Kelsi Nielson

You're really creative, you love getting involved with the school productions and concerts. You feel totally at home when performing, either singing or playing an instrument. You're crazy talented which everyone finds impressive and they are all in awe of you!

Cher Horowitz

Everybody wants to be you, know you, be your friend or even just be seen with you. You are the coolest person around school and you know it. But don't let it get to you're head, an ego is never attractive.

Noah "Puck" Puckerman

You're scary! But in a good way, you are on all the sports teams and everyone knows who you are. You're talented and impressive but your a few screwdrivers short of a toolbox (if you didn't get that then you may have just proved the point)

Josh Nichols

You're a bit of a goody-two-shoes. Always trying to do everything right and hate getting in trouble. However luck is not your best friend and you often end up in the dog house or having to fix someone else's mistakes. But people love you because you're always there to help, don't let them take you for granted though.

Draco Malfoy

You can be a bit of a bully. Taking the mick out of people and being superior to them is your hobby. You often take advantage of your status and people don't always like you around. But at the same time people admire your determination to be better than everyone as you never give up and your clever tactics are brilliant!

Will McKenzie

You are sensible, smart, sophisticated and better than everyone else. You know you are destined for bigger and better things in life rather than just school. You know you are going to do really well in university and go on for an amazing life, your just waiting for it to happen as your fed up of being surrounded by the idiots at school.

Who's Your Idol?

Tulisa from N Dubz

Hilary Clinton

Mozart or Beethoven

Kim Kardashian

Usain Bolt

Oprah Winfrey

Severus Snape

David Cameron

What's your dream job?

Don't want a job just want to be rich!


Composer/ Musician

Model/Fashion designer/anything where I'll be famous

Sportsman/ Athlete

TV chat show host

Anything with Potions


What do you usually do for after school clubs?

Usually in detention or skiving from something!

Math Club

Music lessons, drama and music club

Design Club

On the sports teams, so training usually!

Science club

Training hard to beat my enemies in some way

Politics/Debating or studying in the library

What is your Favourite Subject?

None of them, I hate school!

Maths, of course!


Debating and English

PE, it's easy!

Anything where the teacher likes me

Politics, Economics, anything that's important


What do you do in your spare time?

Go into town with my mates!

Plot revenge with my best friends

Listen to music, sing and play instruments

Read fashion magazines, shopping and chit-chat

watch sports or play video games with mates

Do homework or go to work!

Take the mick out of people and have a laugh

Hang out with a few mates, nothing really interesting

Which TV show are you mostly likely to appear on?

The Jeremy Kyle Show

University Challenge


X Factor or Britains Got Talent

The Apprentice

Britain's next top model

Come Dine With Me

Question of Sport

What are your friends like?

Thy're awesome just like me!

The Greatest people I have ever met!

really musical and creative people

Which ones? Everybody Loves me!


my friends are the quieter ones

Troublemakers, they're always making problems!

They're just a bit weird but they're great!

What's your favourite classic musician/Band?

Blazing Squad, They're legends!!

Lady Smith Black Mambazo, amazing!

Elton John, Classic!

Gwen Stefani, total rocker!

Fall Out Boy

Whitney Houston, Voice of an Angel!

Alice Cooper, cause I love Poison!

I just listen to the radio, not really bothered