Mother reading to her daughter in the garden sitting on a blanket

According to a study by University College Dublin’s Dr. Shane Bergin, “Reading books to children has a far more profound effect on learning than playing with electronic tablets such as iPads.” The physicist and researcher said that if parents want them to be successful tech and science professionals, they should start reading to their children from an early age.

Here we explore some ways reading can benefit kids to learn new skills:

Using tablets doesn’t mean learning

Bergin said it is wrong to assume that when a child is using a tablet to watch videos and play some educational apps, that learning is taking place. The reason for this phenomenon is that these children grew up with adults inclined to technology.

Interaction & Stories

Developing children’s learning skills must involve interaction & stories. This is why we should encourage children to read more, instead of just sitting in the room looking at a tablet. Let them be aware of what’s happening around them. Encourage them to interact with people around them.

Different learning experience

Furthermore, Bergin stressed that a tablet offers a different learning experience. It is not an effective method as compared to reading. Reading is not only the best way to learn but helps foster the child’s imagination while in the process.

However, parents should be there to answer questions the child has and start conversations with them.

No substitute for conversation

Tablets are not a substitute for conversation. Conversations bring people together and create human interaction. From there, humans learn a lot more than what they can learn from TV or other forms of media. We get to connect with people and project ourselves into the stories.

People construct views through exchange

It is human nature to create our own views through different theories and interaction. This is crucial to learning. The world needs people who can contribute to a conversation and connect with different kinds of people.  To raise people with this level of learning, education must certainly be improved.

Learning at the right pace

Bergin insists that when you give a child a book, you can make sure content is curated. He said, “information exchange while reading is a lot slower than quickly swiping between pages on a tablet - and consequently, learning takes place at the correct pace."

Vital for acquiring knowledge

Books are vitally-important for primary schoolchildren. It brings them a world of knowledge and opening their minds to potential careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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