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We are often told about the rainy day funds we should be saving up for, you know for the time your landlord wants his flat back and you need to cough up £1,500 to move. But what about a ‘f*** off work fund’? Why do we need one of those?

For starters, younger people are more interested in working for a company that shares their values and supports them in their career path more than ever, and what happens if you join a company and find that these values don’t exist?

Perhaps being able to work regular hours has turned into god-awful hours and you find yourself having to cancel dinner after dinner and turning into a terrible friend.

Or perhaps the company does not have the same ethics they claimed on the tin - the makeup company you are the marketing executive for has a fair few dodgy practices you are reluctant to be part of. 

With one Glamour money survey finding that 71% of people have stayed in a job because they couldn’t afford to leave, now is the time to get your act together and create a f*** off work fund so that you can live to exert control over your own life if you find yourself in a work situation you don’t want to be in. 

When you do quit, it’s likely that you’ve been thinking about your circumstances for a while, work-life has not been treating you too well for a while and you’ve come to the end of your tether.

But before you do quit, think about what lies ahead.

By all means, go on a three-month travelling excursion and take some time out, but think about what you want to achieve from this.

Do you want to go back to basics and start again in your career? And if so, what?

Or were there some aspects of your job that you very much enjoyed and the time off has spurred you on to move on and upwards within your industry?

Perhaps you have no idea, but solitude can give you time to reflect. 

One good reason for building up a f*** off work fund is that it gives you the opportunity to jump when you might not have otherwise. And this jump is the next step in your working life, and perhaps you’ll find the best opportunity ever - you never know what’s around the corner!

Remember when you do leave not to burn bridges with the people whose company you enjoy and look up to. If you’ve left for specific reasons, it’s likely that they will admire you for these (and secretly want to be you), and you never know where your paths may cross again in the future. 

If you work for yourself, a f*** off work fund is also great to have, as you never know whether your next paycheck is going to come through and when you might need to slim down your expenditure.

How much do you need?

That depends on what you are planning to do and the costs can vary enormously! It may be that even if you do save you still have to make some sacrifices, for example living at home while you do a course, however, something is better than nothing and the more money the better. 

Good luck! You deserve it!

Top photo by Josh Appel via free Unsplash License.


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