Close up of a newspaper with the word Careers in red on the front

A new Careers Strategy has been announced today designed to make sure young people have the skills they need and employers want post-Brexit.

The Strategy revolves around a dedicated careers leader in every school and college “who can give advice on the best training routes and up-to-date information on the jobs market, helping young people make decisions about their future.”

It is backed by £4million of government funding and was developed in partnership with the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. It will be co-ordinated through the Careers and Enterprise Company and has come at a time when T-levels are also being introduced. The first T-levels will be rolled out in colleges in 2020 are are hoped to deliver a world-class technical education system on par with the high-quality academic routes available.

The Gatsby Charitable Foundation has set out eight clear benchmarks for schools and colleges on good careers advice. The strategy puts employers at the centre of the careers programme, ensuring young people receive tailored advice about the training routes and work experience needed to secure a successful career in the future.

Additionally, the Strategy will see £5million going to create 20 careers hubs across the country that will link schools and colleges with local universities and employers to help broaden pupils’ horizons.

The Strategy is well meaning. Having been launched at the Careers Development Institute (CDI) annual conference in Birmingham today, Skills Minister Anne Milton said: “Without access to the best possible careers support, some people will miss out on the opportunities available.

“They will continue to be held back if they don’t have the right advice, at the right time to make informed decisions about their future, or may not have access to the broader experiences and role models to help them develop as people.

The Careers and Enterprise Company are currently working across the country via its “enterprise adviser network”, however previous research has found that accessing the Company is a postcode lottery, with many areas, including London, not being catered for.

With only 20 careers hubs planned with students still miss out if they fail to live in one of the targeted areas?

The announcement follows the launch of the government’s Industrial Strategy which sets out a long term plan to boost the productivity and earning power of people throughout the UK.

Additional aims of the Strategy include trials of careers activities in primary schools, testing out ways of engaging children from an early age on the wealth of careers available to them.

For more information please see: Careers Guidance for Modern Country Unveiled