Yesterday representatives from Eluceo spent the day performing mock interviews with Year 11s to help prepare them for the world of work. It was great to see how far pupils had come, what skills and achievements they already had, and how talented and able they were. 

Each pupil was given a list of 22 hypothetical jobs, from Nursery Assistant and Site Manager’s Assistant, to Laboratory Assistant and Legal Assistant. It was thought that there would be a career to appeal to everyone, and jobs weren’t so far out of their reach that pupils didn’t have anything to say. 

Each pupil created a CV and cover letter based on the job they chose and we interviewed them as employers for these roles. 

They were brilliant at demonstrating their dedication to their chosen profession and lifelong ambitions, and it was great to see the range of part-time work and extra-curricular activities they were undertaking. 


Mock interviews are a great way to get school children involved in looking at what jobs are out there, and what might be a suitable first career step. It also enables them to talk to professional people and employers, and understand how interviewing works, what sorts of questions they might be asked and how to improve their interview techniques. If they know what to expect and are well prepared they’ll be less nervous and chances are they’ll get their chosen position.


Mock interviews are a great way of helping young people understand what is expected of them in the world of work. Letting your workforce attend schools to do mock interviews with pupils gives them the firsthand experience of performing interviews, so that when their time comes you employees will be more comfortable and more prepared to undertake interviews themselves. 

If you are either a school or an employer and would like to get involved with mock interviews please get in contact with us and we can connect you with your local school/employer.