Secondary school students holding their Industrial Cadet certificates

Yesterday was the graduation of local school students from Wavell School, Court Moor School and Calthorpe Park School in their Biotechnology programme, designed to challenge year 10 students to hypothetically design and develop an ice cream that smells like one thing and tastes like something else, called 'illusion' ice cream.

Based on their chosen flavour and fragrance molecules, teams of students are given a package of materials including strain and feedstock 'top trump cards' and a pathway map, and are tasked to work out how to create these molecules. 

We ran this Biotechnology challenge under two schemes: firstly, where students received AQA Unit Award Scheme certificates for the skills they learnt along the way, such as teamwork and problem solving; and secondly, under the Industrial Cadets scheme, an initiative inspired by HRH The Prince of Wales, which leads to a workplace experience-based, industry-led accreditation, at the Silver level for Eluceo’s Biotechnology programme.

All students visited sponsoring company, Green Biologics Ltd, as part of their challenge, reinforcing their understanding of how what they learn in both Biology and Chemistry lessons relates to the Biotechnology industry and the lab work they undertake. Students also spent time looking at the types of careers in Biotechnology and the pathways into that career. 

During our award ceremony yesterday, students presented their Biotechnology challenge findings and explained to us what they did and what they learnt on their lab visit.

Certificates were awarded to the students by local Hart Chairperson Councillor Makepeace-Brown and the regional manager of Industrial Cadets.

If your school would like to develop their own ‘illusion’ ice cream and learn more about the Biotechnology industry, or you are a company who would like to sponsor a school and offer your support, please don’t hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Click here for more information on the Biotechnology programme.