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Who do you want to be!

iShine is an application developed by Eluceo for the web, Android and iOS, to help users plan, track and manage their career throughout their lifetime. See About Us for more about the story behind iShine and the team who developed it.

This article is concerned with how to get the most out of the application.

In order to use iShine then the user needs to register and then login after validation. On first login, iShine asks a series of questions to ensure that it has enough to process properly. iShine is free to use although some of the coaching services are subject to payment.

iShine takes the information entered by the user and maps this to a series of strengths, covering: skills, interests, knowledge, work styles, abilities and experience of technology. These strengths are based upon national and international datasets. The user is able to update their information when logged in.

The information entered for the strengths includes personality, education, experience and training.

On login, the user is presented with the iShine Home screen with options tailored to the analysis of the user’s strengths. This includes:

  • The user’s strengths
  • Coaching to support the user’s career development
  • Career ideas that match the user’s strengths
  • Online and local courses that will help the user improve their skills
  • Goals for the user to accomplish in the development of their career
  • Vacancies for the careers roles in the area.

There is also a ‘What-If?’ function that allows the user to select one or more courses at GCSE, A or Degree Level so that the user can try different courses to identify what they should study to improve their suitability for the career they would prefer.

On selecting Career Ideas, then an ordered list of roles is displayed with the first reflecting the closest match with the user’s strengths. The user can click the More Career Ideas button to see more or the Search Career Ideas button to search for a specific career role.

Clicking on a role provides the user with additional information about the role, with strengths, development of strengths, vacancies and further information based on the comparison of the user’s strengths with the needs of the role.

When completing the questions, it is best to complete the personality and education questions as much as possible. With experience and training, it is best to complete two or three activities that the user worked on recently, including their current experience.

Moreover, the personality questions are designed to assess the work style that would suit the user. The user’s interests are assessed by a simple questionnaire developed by Eluceo Ltd based on Holland Codes, however there is an option to use a more complex built-in Holland Code questionnaire. See this link for an explanation on Holland Codes.

iShine has a facility for the user to download all the information they entered and the information derived from it as a profile. However if the user identifies a job they wish to apply for then they can download a resume, which is their information suitable for inclusion within a CV.

If the user finds that iShine is not suitable for them or they want to continue without the support of iShine then they are able to delete their account. This will remove all the user information from the system. However if the user wants to start again with iShine then they will need to re-register and answer the questions again.

iShine has extensive search tools, which the users can use to explore their options on demand. They include: Courses with Online Providers, Local Colleges and Universities as well as Career Roles, Universities, Coaches and Local Vacancies.

Thus with comprehensive personality information and by ensuring that the recent experience and training entered by the user is what the user enjoys then it is likely that the displayed career roles will include one or more careers that the user would enjoy following. If a user is following a career they enjoy then they are likely to be more productive and have a happier life.

iShine is available on the web and can be accessed via a desktop, tablet or mobile phone and it is available as a specific application for Android and iOS.

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