Secondary school students presenting in their sports kit

As it’s coming to the end of term and the start of the summer holidays, I thought I’d briefly update you about what we’ve been doing here at Eluceo.

On Tuesday, students from Salesian College finished off their robots and were handed their AQA certificates in robotics and teamworking by Dave Chapman, the Technical Director of Leidos UK. It was great to see them making progress over the few weeks and their robots finally coming together after one last push.

On Wednesday, microbiologists from Green Biologics came to hear students’ presentations on their chosen flavour and fragrance molecules. Having completed the project over the last few weeks, it was amazing to see how much they had learnt and interesting to see the reasons behind their decision making.

Mandy and Liz, the Green Biologics representatives, then quizzed the students (kindly) on some of their decisions and explained in more detail about what they do in their line of work.{eluceoshare}

We also spent a morning speaking to sixth form students about the wealth of STEAM careers that are available to them after they finish.

Next week, we’ll be looking forward to a trip to Green Biologics to see their labs. Students will be able to try their hand at some experiments for themselves and learn more about what it's like to be a research scientist in the working world. 

Secondary school students in their sports kit listening to visitors talking

Students listening to representatives of Green Biologics.

Secondary school students presenting in their sports kit

Students presenting their flavour and fragrance findings and decisions.

College students listening to a presentation from a visitor

Talking to students about STEAM careers.

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