Lego mindstorms robot on the floor

Last week Eluceo got involved with young people from the charity Step-by-Step based in Aldershot, who support and empower young people who are going through hard times, including homelessness. They provide accommodation, personal development opportunities, and specialist support services.

Four of their clients took part in our Industrial Cadets Robotics Programme, and across four days rose to the challenge in creating ev3ie.

This is her across the few days of her lifespan:

Lego mindstorms robot on the floor

Lego mindstorms robot on the floor

On the third day the young people were taken on a site visit to G&B Electronics, an electronics manufacturer for sectors including medical, military, aerospace, commercial and automotive. The young people where they built their own motherboards, learning to solder along the way, helping them understand how robots and other electronic devices are made and developed, and relating it back to what they’d been doing in the workshop. They young people asked lots of questions and were excited to find out more, and the staff were very impressed with how well they worked together and looked after each other.

Young people in blue lab coats

Young person being shown how to put together a circuit board

The programme also helped develop their understanding of career paths available to them, and opened more doors to what they would excel in in the workplace.

As expected, there were a few anxious moments along the way, but through the experience they learnt how to communicate with one another more effectively and in the end they pulled it off! This is them giving their presentation after a hairy couple of hours of preparation:

Young people presenting their work to others 

It was fantastic to hear what the young people got out of the experience, beyond learning about engineering, design and digital marketing. This included being able to take ownership of their area of the project, and see it through, and build their confidence in showing themselves what they could achieve. Of all the feedback, one of the clients, Ash, said that he had experienced the best night’s sleep in a long time, having been tired enough to fall to sleep at 10 and he was ready waiting for us patiently the following day before we’d even arrived!

If you are interested in any of out Industrial Cadets programmes either for your school, after school club or charity like this one, please don’t hesitate to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..