Ladies sitting around a table working

Yesterday, Eluceo worked once again with the Purple Community Fund or PCF. They’re a great charity that work primarily with those that live on the rubbish tips of the Philippines, but also work with women refugees in the UK to help them gain useful skills to take them into employment.

Known as the Cross Border Stitchers, they are offered skills in sewing and can use these skills to set up small businesses of their own or work elsewhere once they’ve gained the knowledge and qualifications. 

Currently they’re in the throes of making Christmas decorations for our Christmas trees - Christmas is only eight weeks away people(?!) - and they’ll be sold at stores and events up and down the country. 

As well as sewing skills, the group offers them the opportunity to meet other people in the community, both those in a similar position to themselves or otherwise, and gives them something dedicated to themselves and their future. {eluceoshare}

We come in to teach them the skills beyond sewing that they might need, so that when the leave PCF they’ll have gained a body of skills they can take to future employers. Last week and this week it was about building a budget and managing your money, and I’m pleased to inform you that they are all very good at not spending all their money at once! We’ll also help to get them up to scratch with their maths and English, as well as any soft skills they might need and employers look for, such as teamwork, communication and research. As a registered AQA Unit Award Scheme (UAS) centre, the certificates they receive will be very useful for their future employment.

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