The word Budget on a chalkboard along with a piggy bank and three dollar signs in green chalk

Being smart with your finances is very important if you don’t want to live a life bound by financial issues. Many people are struggling to get through the months and this results in creating debt that makes things even more challenging. If you want to live a life of financial freedom, you need to be aware of where your money is going. It does not matter if you are still in university or college, or have been working for a while. We all need help to manage our money better. 

Here are our top financial tips: 

Create a budget

You may not have much money as a student, but you can still draw up a budget. In fact, it is vital that you do. If you just spent money on a personal statement checking tool, you need to add that into your budget because all money spent is important to track. You will be able to see exactly how much money you have and how much you don’t. We tend to make unnecessary purchases which leaves us broke for the rest of the month. Keeping a budget is a good skill for every stage of your life, so you might as well start early.

Make use of online tools

It is so beneficial to use online tools, instead of making in-store purchases. You are able to pay less for more when using online services. If you are worried about your personal statement mistakes, find a good grammar checker online. Learn how UCAS similarity detection works to help you avoid any plagiarism allegations. There are many tools to help you get through your day and many of them are free of charge.

Grocery shopping after a meal

Do not ever go grocery shopping when you are hungry. Trust me, when I go shopping on an empty tummy, I always want to make an unnecessary trip past the deli and buy a dozen cookies. Your craving levels are high and you will spend a lot on things you would not normally buy if you were full. Take your grocery list with you and stick to it. Do not add anything to your cart that is not on your list and not in your budget.

Use the library

We spend a fortune on books that we only use once. You can easily go to your local library and use the book there. Take notes of important points and you are set to go. Every student has a stack of textbooks they will never use again. Avoid this unnecessary cost as much as you can. 

Interest earning savings

One of the most important money tips is to start a savings account. You do not need to save a ton of money, but even just in small amounts, will make a difference. An interest earning account is great because you are earning money for leaving your own money in the bank. Isn’t that crazy and exciting? Instead of leaving your money in your normal transactional account, transfer it to a savings account.


There are ways and means for you to save big and spend less. As long as you are wise about where your money is going, you will get to a good financial place. There is no magic wand, but only good advice and application. If you apply these tips, you should see a difference instantly. If you are struggling with a lot of debt, it is important to pay those off as soon as possible. There will have to be sacrifices made if you want to pay these off quickly.

Another things you can do is to find a side job. Use the earning from this job to pay off your debt faster. It is also easier to save when you have some extra income. Just make sure to use this money wisely and you will be good. There is no quick fixes when it comes to building wealth, only day to day habits. Keep on growing your financial stability because it is going to help you a lot later in life. No one every regrets being financially free so you have to start today. Good luck on your journey and I wish you only success.