Terri Tuson | Founder & Managing Director

rsz terri squareI set up Eluceo a couple of years ago in response to the sheer number of people asking me where and how to find career and education information for themselves or their child. At the same time, I was looking for a meaningful career where I could use my skills to help others, and the opportunity to create Eluceo was born. 

Having previously worked in the publishing industry, I'm a pro at copy writing and editing; skills exceedingly useful when it comes to building a ridiculously content-heavy website.  

I'm a huge advocate of lifelong learning and personal development, with my own plethora of certificates and qualifications to prove it, including online MOOCs, summer schools, and a Master's degree (from Imperial and UCL - yes, two universities!) for absolutely no reason. 


Mei | Business Development & Company Secretary

My passion for lifelong learning and giving back to the community are key factors that motivated me to get involved in Eluceo.  I know from my own experience that learning and developing new skills and knowledge can open doors to brand new and exciting opportunities. 

I bring to Eluceo 30 years’ experience working in systems engineering and business development in major companies. I hold a BSc (Salford) and PhD (Manchester) in Engineering and am a member of the IET. My lifelong learning experience involves various Open University courses, a Diploma in Philosophy (Oxford) and an MSc in Philosophy of Mental Disorder (King's College, London).


Peter | Technical Management

As my background is technical it was only natural that Terri should approach me to build the Eluceo website. I am now responsible for the technical development of the Eluceo websites and applications.

I am keen supporter of open source initiatives and have contributed to a number of their projects. Finding new ways to improve energy efficiency and the automation of domestic property is another area I like to explore.

I bring to Eluceo 40 years’ experience working as a principle systems engineer in major UK companies. I hold a BSc in Electronic Engineering and a PhD in Control Engineering from the University of Manchester, and am a Chartered Engineer and member of the IET.