Secondary school student with his Lego Mindstorm robot

Our robotics programme challenges young people to design and develop a robot to take over admin tasks in an office, for example meeting and greeting, using LEGO Mindstorm EV3s. They have to decide the requirements of the robot (e.g. it will need to be stable and probably wheel-based if it is to wander around an office all day), build the physical robot, and programme it to move about/pick stuff up/talk.

Students also have to develop marketing materials to promote their robot, including a simple website and promotional video, and we help them understand how introducing a robot to an office might impact current office staff and its environment, and business processes.

Students love seeing their creations come to life, while the programming element aligns to the computer science national curriculum, and can be adjusted depending on the age and ability of the students. The programmes also give students the opportunities to identify their interest and where their strengths and weaknesses lie, and how essential is it to collaborate and work as a team, much like working on a real life project! 

The Robotics Programme would especially suit students of:

  • Business
  • Physics
  • Maths
  • Art & Design
  • Computer science
  • Engineering
  • Media

What they say

"It was great to see the robots in action and helping to support the club. The visitors [employers] were all amazing and so interesting."

Careers and Work Experience Coordinator, Bournemouth Collegiate School


"My favourite thing was learning about the variety of jobs involved in a business and how robotics is used in everything from making watches and cars to programming in computers"

Year 8 Student, Bournemouth Collegiate School

Secondary school student with his Lego Mindstorm robot

Secondary school students describing their motherboard to a black man

Secondary school student wearing a virtual reality headset