When looking for an apprenticeship, your child’s first port of call should be the government’s apprenticeship website, apprenticeships.org.uk. On here, you can narrow results by area or industry. There is also an app available, allowing you to search on other devices. To apply for the jobs listed here, your child should fill out the online applications form, which will then be saved to prevent them having to fill in their information multiple times.

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The government’s website may also direct them to local or national training providers’ websites if candidates are required to apply directly. Your child could also look for opportunities directly through these training providers or on other job websites. If they are stuck or need advice it is also a good idea for them to talk to their local college.

They can also contact companies that they are interested in working with directly. Even if a company does not have any opportunities available currently, they may have some coming up or be thinking about setting something up in the future. If your child registers their interest, the company can keep them updated so that they will be ahead of the pack.


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