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The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is an extended project taken as a freestanding qualification, allowing students to undertake a largely self-directed and self-motivated project.

Pupils can choose any topic. However, it must be academically relevant, either to their current main study programme, or to their future career plans. The process involves pupils choosing a topic, planning, researching and developing their idea before embarking on the work.

The finished product may take the form of:

  • a research-based written report of approximately 5,000 words
  • a production* (e.g. charity event, fashion show or sports event, etc.)
  • an artefact* (e.g. a piece of art, a computer game or a realised design, musical composition etc.)

* with a written report accompanying these products.

The EPQ has been praised by universities as it helps students develop and demonstrate a range of valuable skills through pursuing their interests and investigating topics in more depth. In some schools, all students are required to take an EPQ alongside their A Levels or vocational qualifications.

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