Social Scene

Some universities have a better social scenes than others, with more bars and clubs, and more societies and volunteering opportunities. In our Universities Guides we list the number of sports clubs and societies each university boasts, and a general rule is that those with a bigger student population will have more to offer. If you are going to university in order to enjoy a “university experience” the quality of the social scene will be really important to you.

The Times Higher Education published the result of the a National Student Survey (NSS) every year, and these are the top twenty universities of 2020:

1 Bright and Sussex Medical School 11 University Of Aberty Dundee
2 University of St Andrews 12 Swansea University
3 Conservatoire for Dance and Music 13 Royal Academy of Music
4 Writtle University College 14 Loughborough University
5 The University of Law 15 University of Bath
6 Stranmillis University College 16 University of London Institute in Paris
7 Harper Adams University 17 University West of England
8 Robert Gordon University 18 Royal Veterinary College
9 Aberystwyth University 19 University of Buckingham
10 Guildhall School of Music and Drama 20 Arts University Bournemouth


If you are looking to play sport, either competitively, or for fun, relaxation or fitness, universities boast some of the best sports facilities in the UK. There are no facts about which university has the best facilities. However, certain universities have better facilities for certain sports so if you know which sports you’d like to play you can check whether your university has the facilities you need.

If you are looking to play sport competitively, UK universities regularly play one another in leagues - last year's rankings (2018-2019. The 2019-2020 season was obviously cut short!) are as follows:

1 Loughborough University 11 The University of Stirling
2 University of Nottingham 12 The University of Oxford
3 University of Durham 13 Nottingham Trent University
4 University of Edinburgh 14 Cardiff University
5 University of Exeter 15 Leeds Beckett University
University of Bath 16 Cardiff Metropolitan University
7 University of Birmingham 17 The University of Sheffield
8 The University of Bristol 18 Swansea University
9 Newcastle University 19 University of Leeds
10 University of Northumbria at Newcastle 20 The University of Cambridge

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