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Do you have a looming deadline for submission of your thesis paper or would you like to start early, before the deadline? Most students struggle with finding enough time to plan and draft their dissertation, to be able to submit it in time.

If you are in this lot, say no more to dreaded submission dates due to not being able to finish your paper promptly. Every useful product or piece of writing was not realised in a flash, as it took time, effort and planning for it to materialise fully. The same applies to writing a research proposal online or otherwise.

The following are ways that will help you organise and allocate enough time to your dissertation paper:

Study Hacks For Dissertation Writing

1. Be in the Right Environment

Ask any writer that you know, for one to be fruitful in their work; they need to be in an atmosphere that allows them to work. A dissertation is a research paper, and you have to come up with an introduction, body, and conclusion for the whole paper. In summary, there has to be a flow of the ideas or points that you are highlighting in the research.

For you to accomplish this, you need to set the scene that keeps any form of distractions, at bay.

2. Keep away distractions

You may be in the right headspace and ideal environment that promotes productivity, however, if you are distracted time and time again, you will be stuck at the same point with no hope of moving past it. Email notifications, social media are the notorious devil’s advocate that leads to distractions.

You could make use of apps that ensure you StayFocusd, on your work, by keeping you from accessing distracting sites on the internet at specified hours.

3. Manage your Time

Not everybody can sit down for hours and concentrate fully on a task. We sometimes need to take short breaks that keep us energised and rejuvenated to handle the remaining work. The Pomodoro app is useful in timing your schedule for twenty-five minutes.

You can take a short break, for a cup of coffee or stretch your legs. Each break lasts five minutes only. After four 25 minute sessions with breaks after, you will then, have a long break of about 10minutes, before the timer starts once again.

4. Tackle the Difficult Task First

In drafting a research paper, the most difficult part is understanding the professional proposal format. Find out which format you should use and how the content should low. You don’t want to be at the last part of the paper, and your supervisor tells you to start all over again.

It is a feeling to look forward to. Whatever it is that feels difficult to tackle, start with it while your mind is fresh and ready to handle any task. Otherwise, it will be an issue that hangs over your mind the whole day while eating up your concentration levels.

5. Reward Yourself

It goes without saying that we all work better when we know that there is a reward at the end of tackling a particular task. It doesn’t have to be in monetary terms. It could be a token or word of appreciation or just a smile from another person.

You could pay yourself a few coins for each milestone that you have overcome. It will keep you motivated to continue moving forward, and at the end of the research proposal, you can use the accumulated amount to treat yourself.

6. See the research as a treasure hunt

It doesn’t matter where the sources for the research are derived from, your attitude towards the research process is what is important. If you see it as something fun and exciting, then you are less likely to get distracted or be stuck. However, if it feels dull then, chances are, you will produce a dry paper.

7. Use Different Sources

We often tend to get bored by repetition. If studying large books feels like you aren’t getting anything, you can visit the local library and find a documentary that relates to your research, to watch. It will make the research part of the dissertation interesting.

8. Don’t be afraid to Start over, again

You may have written a few paragraphs or pages, and somewhere along the line, you get bored by the work. If this happens, don’t be afraid to start afresh. Make the necessary changes and write a draft that you will be proud to be associated with it.


You will only dread writing your dissertation because you have not started working on it. Stop procrastinating, find the right environment to work in and get busy with it.