How to get in that last minute exam prep

If you’ve got this far and have found yourself not really revising over these last few months you might be starting to panic. Here are a few tips to help you cram some of that information in before it’s too late!

Past papers

Use your past papers and guidelines of what may come up in an exam and how questions will be asked. Read through them and talk through your answers exampling to yourself what you’d say for each question in as much detail as possible. If you’ve time, see how your answers compare to the marking scheme so you know how to answer questions in the right way, and if you get really stuck on a topic, you know it’s the one you have to go through. 

Review selectively

As you can’t do everything, concentrate on a number of topics and learn them well. This is especially true at A-level and for essay subjects as there’s a lot to revise, but it does mean that you can write a whole essay well rather than muddle through all your essays and questions. Accept that at this point you can’t learn everything. 

Get together with friends

It’s likely that your friends will be, if not in the same boat, then in one floating quite near yours. If they are, get together with them and arrange to each study a topic beforehand. Set a time to go through each topic with one friend explaining each one. You’ll be able to access far more information than you would by yourself, and the act of discussing a subject will help you remember it on the day. 

Get up early

As they always say, 'the early bird catches the worm." Especially if you are a late riser, get up an hour or two earlier each day until your exams so you can fit in those vital revision sessions.

Read summaries

Whether it’s the end of chapters in textbooks or Sparknotes, summaries are better than nothing. Hopefully, you were paying attention in class and the summaries will help jog your memory. 

Revise on the way there

Whether it’s talking it through with a parent or yourself in the car or reading through your notes on the bus or train, use all that extra time you’ve got wisely. 

Visualise your success

You already know what to expect on the day of your exam, so when you’ve got a moment visualise yourself entering the exam hall, opening the paper, calmly getting to work, confidently answering the questions, and finally leaving the exam hall with a smile on your face and a sigh of relief. Picture yourself coming upon questions that you find difficult and imagine dealing with them, how you would react to them, and how you would get through them. The experience isn’t as big of an ordeal as you thought and it will set you up for getting into your final revision push.

Avoid distraction

Study in a room without your phone, computer or tablet, and tell whoever is in the house that they can’t distract you for the next couple of hours. If you do have to use technology to revise, use a productivity app to help you stay focused on the task at hand. 

Don’t panic 

Finally, don’t panic. If you went to all of your lessons, you’ll remember more than you realise.


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