Glasses placed open on notes

There is so much advice online about why cramming is the worst thing you can do. With that being said, most students still continue to cram. Sometimes it is due to having too much to do and other times it is just a case of procrastination. Many students want to have the full experience of being a student, especially in university. This includes making new friends, extra-curricular activities and finding a part-time job. All of these factors can result in a student biting off more than can be chewed.

Luckily for most students, there are tons of tools online to help manage their time and schedule effectively. Science has proven that cramming is an ineffective way of approaching your studies. You can find a sentence checker and a grammar checker online, but you cannot find an app to study for you. We live in times where we want instant gratification and this can lead to rather lazy behaviour. Our brains need time to absorb a ton of information and it is not going to do that in one night. This is why cramming does not work.

No Time to Apply

Reading a lot of information is not enough for it to be absorbed by your brain. You might feel like you are remembering this information, but it is only for a short period of time. Sometimes, you can retain the information until the next day, but that’s about it. If your exam is the next day, do not bank on my previous sentence. The information that you might recall can come in bits and pieces and sometimes does not apply to a specific question in the exam. You need to have time to apply the information in various scenarios. This way, you are able to answer any question relating to that information.


Having studied all night, taking in the information you should have learnt in three months is going to leave you with very little sleep. Your brain needs a specific amount of hours to recuperate in order for it to perform at its best. There are many articles online of people declaring that they can sleep for 5 hours a night and be in top form. This does not last very long, especially not if you are exhausting your brain more by cramming. A paragraph editor is not going to help you write that essay any better, so it is important to give yourself enough time to tackle any project.


When you are cramming information into your brain, it can go into stress mode. Being stressed while trying to study is not going to do you any favors. This makes it easier for the information to not be absorbed and for the entire process to be a waste of time. Sitting up through the night all tensed up while trying to retain as much information as possible is a terrible idea. Even though students know this, they still do it often.

Different Environment

Studying in your room is great if you give yourself enough time to absorb the information, but you are not going to write the exam in your room. You can use a paragraph tool in your room when you study, but you cannot do so in the exam. It may feel like you are remembering everything you are studying at home, but it might not be the case when you get to class. Our brains connect information with a certain environment, especially when it’s doing so under stressful circumstances.


The bottom line is that cramming does not work. It does not matter how many articles you read about how you can do so successfully, it simply is an ineffective way of studying.