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The job hunting process isn’t easy for many. It is so because as at that time, some may wish they had known better when choosing a particular career path. If you are soon to start college or are considering a change of career, the list below compiles prospective job opportunities for the future.

Though your MBA capstone project may be giving you a headache, you can rest easy if you know that your probability of employment is better in the future. In this list, we choose the commonly occurring careers from multiple sources. So, sit back, enjoy and stay up to date.

1. Physical Therapist

As baby boomers age, there need for physical therapy specialists. Their duties involve helping people to regain their ability to operate on their own. Physical Therapists help people overcome injuries and strokes.

You will also need to go through specialised schooling after graduating from university. 

2. App Developer

All of us, if not many, have a smartphone. With the increased usage of mobile phones come the need for the development of new applications. It could be for games, news, music, and even social sharing.

Just like any other position in technology, you will need to keep up with the computer languages, and any new tools. It will be a constant learning experience for you.

3. Nurse Practitioner

These are registered nurses who have an additional education. They provide patients with primary care. Also known as APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse), they can perform physical exams, prescribe medication, take histories of the patient, etc.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics, projects significant growth in the field, by 2026, due to the aging baby boom generation. It might be something to consider in your review of literature APA.

4. Financial Advisor

Companies are getting rid of pension plans for their employees. This calls for the need for employees to get help in planning for their retirement. If you are good with numbers, then this could be the field for you.

To penetrate into this field, you may need to have a business-related undergraduate degree.

5. Information Security Analyst

It is a no-brainer that this is a hot field. Data breaches are a common occurrence not just to companies but even personal data. If you enjoy problem-solving and coding is your thing, this could be an option. 

You will need to pursue programming or computer science, at the undergraduate level. If you want to progress to management, then, you will need to have some years of experience, typically, five years.

6. Consulting

Outsourcing by companies is on the rise. It is a way to save on the costs on employees. Thus consultants are in high demand, especially those in healthcare or management. When a company outsources, they do not need to pay for healthcare or provide benefits. 

Over the next decade, this field is expected to see double-digit growth. 

7. Data Scientist

This is a relatively new field with few universities offering degrees in the area. As vast chunks of data become available each passing moment, there’s need for people who can analyse and interpret the data for businesses.

For companies to formulate effective strategies and action, they need data scientists to use machine learning software, database and statistics to interpret the available data.

8. Dental Hygienist

The field is projected to grow over the next years. To get started in this area, you will need an undergraduate degree in dental hygiene. Something you should consider as you work on the outline for your personal statement.

The duties of a dental hygienist include cleaning teeth, performing routine oral procedures and taking X-rays. 

9. Market Research Analyst

Do you love looking at facts and figures? Well, market research could be the field you want to try. They help companies to make informed decisions about their business through using technology to look at data. 

You only need a bachelor’s degree. However, you may better your chances by going for a master’s degree in maths or statistics.

10. Health Services Manager

If you have excellent people skills, love organising and can work under pressure, this could be the one for you. You can have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in health administration. Your duties will be overseeing entire facilities or a specific medical department.


As business evolves there are technology advances, and new positions may come and go, just as fast. Choose a career that is in high demand for the future. And keep learning as time goes by.