There are lots of things to consider when getting ready to go to University. Here is a timeline of all the things you should be doing in the lead up; from 18 months before, until the very day you leave.

Research UniversitiesApply through UCASAdd further choicesChooseArrange student loanArrange AccommodationGet ReadyAttend UniversityReceive OffersResultsClearing

The preparation path for attending University

  • May - September: Research Universities
    • Use Eluceo to see what universities are out there, look at university websites and order university prospectuses.
    • Attend a few open days.
  • September - January: Apply through UCAS
    • UCAS Deadlines:
      • 15th October: Oxbridge, Medicine, Ventinary & Dental Science.
      • 15th January: Most university courses.
      • 14th March: Some Art & Design courses.
  • January - March: Receiving your offers
    • If you don't get any offers, don't worry; you can add further choices through UCAS Extra.
    • If you are lucky enough to receive lots of offers you can move on to ...
  • March - May: Making a choice
    • If you are still not sure about where you want to study do a bit more research into your universities, understand what you want from your three years and attend visit days.
    • Depending on when you received your offer, you have to apply by a specific date:
      • 31st March: reply by 4th May,
      • 5th May: reply by 8th June,
      • 8th June: reply by 23rd June.
  • May/June: Sorting out your student loan
    • This should be done as soon as possible - you do not even know where you will be studying to sort this out - but, depending on the country you live in, the deadline is in either May or June.
  • June - July: Apply for Accommodation
    • Depending on the university, the deadline dates vary; however once you have decided where you want to go its best to get your application in early.
  • August: Results!!
    • If they are better than expected, then you can apply for a better university through UCAS adjustment.
    • If they are worse than expected, then you can apply for a university through Clearing.
  • August/September: Getting ready
    • Apply for a student bank account.
    • Pack and buy anything that you might be missing.
    • Sort of all those bits and bobs, such as contents insurance, train/plane tickets, register with your university, etc.

You've made it to university.
Good Luck and enjoy it.

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