In the same way that you can use Clearing to find universities and courses if you haven't done as well as hoped in your exams, you can use Adjustment to reconsider your options if you've done better than expected. You can look at better universities than your first choice, a university you were initially rejected from, or a course that required grades you were not predicted to achieve. 

You can use it if you've obtained results higher than the grade requirements for your first choice university offer. 

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How to use Adjustment?

If you wish to use Adjustment, click 'Register for Adjustment' in Track on UCAS. Adjustment starts on the day you recieve your A-level results unil 31st August, however you'll only have five 24-hour periods (including weekends) within this time to use it.

Unlike Clearing, there is no vacancy list for universities, so if there's a university your interested in ring them up and ask whether they've space through Adjustment. You can use the UCAS Clearing vacancy list to give you an idea of what is available with your A-level results. 

While you are looking for a place, your original first choice will be safe and if you don't find anything you like via Adjustment you are still guaranteed your original university and course. 

If you are offered a new place (verbally) and want to accept it, UCAS Track will be updated with your new university and course choice. Once this has happened your original first choice university will become null and void and you won't be able to change your mind. 

Be prepared

  • If you think you might obtain higher grades than anticipated research universities and courses that are of interest to you (perhaps even visit them) before A-level results day so you can phone them up straight away
  • Make a list of your academic and personal interests and achievements, linking them to the course you might like to study, so you can have them to hand when calling universities
  • Find your GCSE and AS results so you can have them to hand when calling up universities 
  • Don't book a holiday during A-level results week

Remember that in choosing a new university through Adjustment you'll also have to re-apply for accommodation etc. and your less likely to obtain your ideal halls. Also, if you've received better grades than expected, don't feel pressured to use the Adjustment system if you are happy with your first choice university - three years is a long time and it's better to be happy in a lesser-ranked university than it is to be unhappy in an elite university.


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