Packing for university can be quite stressful. Unless you moved away on a gap year, it's possible that you've never lived without your family, you won't have many household things and won't know what to expect.

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In order to avoid this, here are our top tips for helping you pack for uniā€¦

  • Find out what is provided - lots of flats will come with things like kettles, irons, mops etc. and there should be a list of all of these amenities online.
  • Find out what their flatmates are bringing - most university halls have online groups to help people get to know their flatmates before they move in, so you can ask the other people moving in what they are bringing and what you will need. This will avoid you ending up with five toasters and no pans!
  • Wait a little bit - if one or both of your parents are driving you to university, it is a good idea to wait until you get there before buying lots of stuff, this way you can check what sorts of things you'll need in person.
  • Take stuff from home - avoid buying everything new. Smile sweetly and ask you parents whether they'll let you take things like towels and bedding from home, saving you money and avoiding the millions of sets you might aquire if you move back in after uni.
  • To make sure you remember everything we've a University packing checklist.

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