The reputation of a university is important as it will increase your opportunities when you graduate. Although it’s not the only factor - your degree, grade, skills, work experience and extra-curricular activities will all affect your employment chances - if an employer knows the name of your university you’ve got that automatic added advantage. The Times Higher Education publishes a World Reputation Ranking which gives you a brief insight into how well your university is regarded, while you might also want to think about the reputation on your chosen subject at that university.

Most of the UK and world higher education league tables can be broken down into individual subject rankings. This will give you an idea of how highly a degree in your chosen subject from your chosen university will be regarded by employers. Having said this, different league tables use different criteria to asses the strength of each university so you have to be careful which one you use.  To find out more about how league tables are structured, see our dedicated page.


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